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The 2010s

How 1947 Michigan helped the Chiefs win the Super Bowl

And more about Fritz Crisler, one of the most important football coaches ever.

The decade QBs of color took over college football

The highest levels of quarterbacking used to be mostly for the whitest of faces. In the 2010s, that changed dramatically. So did the fortunes of teams that put black and brown QBs in charge of their offenses.

The path to beating Bama was always simple (but not easy)

Nick Saban’s losses don’t have many common traits. Here’s one.


LSU learned to mold and channel its natural chaos, and then unleashed it on the way to a national title.

Alternate history: Everything that happens if USC hires Orgeron

In 2013, the Trojans passed on hiring their beloved interim coach. That changed the arc of at least a half-dozen major programs.

Yup, Alabama lives in our heads rent-free

Given all the Crimson Tide have accomplished under Nick Saban, it’d be absurd to pretend they shouldn’t.

6 thoughts about USC’s lost decade

USC rambled through 10 mediocre years. Here, we ramble about what that decade meant.

How Clemson saves QB runs for when they’re needed most

Clemson’s careful about when they ask the quarterback to run, but it’s still a powerful card in their deck.

84 plays that defined 2010s college football

Let a list of very good (and very not good) plays tell you the story of CFB’s decade.

College football’s STATE CHAMPS OF THE 2010s, mapped

College football is massive and doesn’t lend itself to state championships, but we can do our best to fill that void.

15 Bama games rank in the top 10 games of the 2010s, somehow

The Tide co-starred in most of the decade’s biggest moments.


Your periodic journey through the most infuriated sectors of the college football internet visits an old friend.

The Plus-One system would’ve been better than the Playoff

Or at the very least, far more college football.

Do recruits remember your school’s last national title?

Here’s how old they were the last time your team won something big.

2019’s CFP field is loaded, compared to 2014-2018

In most years, there’s a clear dropoff between the top team or two and the rest.

Every year, Ohio State is the Playoff’s biggest controversy: 2014-2019

Season after season, the Buckeyes end up right in the middle of the CFP debate.

The people’s guide to Joe Burrow

With a bonus mini guide to Clyde Edwards-Helaire!

The complete NCAA Football return checklist

The bad news: it’s going to take a while. The good news: it’s probably going to happen eventually.

All the ways one strange Louisville-Clemson play altered history

Inches separated Louisville from the Tigers’ 2016 ACC Atlantic title. Those inches changed the sport, possibly for years to come.

The megabooster

T. Boone Pickens was the kind of team owner who can only exist in college sports.

The people’s guide to Jerry Jeudy

Everything at Alabama sticks to a script. Jeudy is a brilliant, subtle freestyler within it.

Every Kansas football win since 2008, ranked

The Jayhawks have been in the wilderness for a while, but there have been bright spots — occasionally.

The people’s guide to Justyn Ross

While still learning how to play college football, the Alabama native was dealing national title knockouts.

The people’s guide to Grant Delpit

LSU’s star safety is an octopus. A really, really fast octopus.

The people’s guide to Rondale Moore

There’s a lot more to him than just the Ohio State game. But never forget the Ohio State game.

Guessing who would’ve made the last 6 NCAA covers

Let’s take a guess at who would’ve repped it if it’d never gone on hiatus.

How Madden RPOs could one day help bring back NCAA

Getting these plays into the video game was harder than it might seem.

How to block for a mobile QB

Four linemen who helped Kyler Murray win the Heisman explain the ins and outs of protecting a one-of-a-kind QB.

Clemson beating Bama like THAT was the most shocking title game ever

There’s an easy argument that it’s the most unexpected championship result ever, but let’s take a look first.

2 teams dominating CFB for years at a time is not new

The only thing that’s new: we now have a setup that ensures they meet.

12 coaches explain the history and future of the RPO

Here’s a free coaching clinic on where it came from, how hard it is to stop, and what’s next.

Best vs. most deserving: top-4 teams will often miss the CFP

You gotta win your games.