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Support your local food bank and Godfrey will reveal the mysteries of the CFB universe

The Banner Society Advent Calendar’s entry for December 12

This holiday season, more of our neighbors are relying on food banks or other community food distributions to survive, as the devastating economic effects of the ongoing pandemic strain America’s existing food-insecurity problems.

We’re asking you to help support these organizations if you can, and as a reward for doing so, we’ll give you the greatest* gift of all: Steven Godfrey, answering your questions about college football or children or his horrific cold brew coffee takes or whatever.

Here’s how you can get in on the action:

Step 1. Donate $25 (or more!) to your local food bank. You can use Feeding America’s search tool to find the organization closest to you.

Step 2. Email your receipt and your question to Godfrey - - and use “Holidays For Olds” in the subject line.

Step 3. Donate by 10 AM Eastern on Monday, December 14th. Godfrey went and changed his mind on the deadline, so just get your donations in ASAP

Step 4. Follow Banner Society’s Instagram account, where Godfrey will start working through your questions next week.

*Great as in tall. Dude cannot ride in the back seat of a sedan comfortably.