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Christmas Carols of the Southeastern Conference

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The Banner Society Advent Calendar’s entry for December 17.

I Saw Three Ships (After 60 Minutes, Except on the West Coast)

O Little Town of Birmingham

White Christmas (feat. the Corps of Cadets)

Star of the East (Uga the Angel)

Oxford Feral

MEDLEY: Nuttin’ for Christmas (feat. Auburn head football coach candidate Houston Dale Nutt) & Aubie It’s Cold Outside (feat. Auburn head football coach candidate Tommy Tuberville)

Good King Drinkwitz Lost

Man With The Bag (feat. Tuscaloosa Children’s Choir)

Christmas (Bobo Please Come Home)

Rockin’ Around Miss Reveille

Merry Christmas (I Would Like To Fight Tonight) (feat. Todd Grantham)

The Christmas Stoops

Grandma Got Run Over By A Lane, Dear

Silent Night (It’s Saturday)

Jesus Christ the Auburn Tree

Mele Clarkleakimaka (It’s Christmas in Hawaii, in Nashville)

What Skeeter Music

Does Q Hear What I Hear (feat. Mike Leach)

Gainesville, from the Realms of Glory (To Now)

Happy Xmas (Egg Bowl is Over)

O Finenbaum

I’ll Be Home For Christmas (feat. Will Muschamp)

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? (feat. Jimbo Fisher)

Sankey Baby

The Worst Bro L