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Every point scored in Super Bowl history, assigned by college

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Please use this for all your college football arguments, online and in real life

Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images. Banner Society Illustration.

According to the statistical demigods at Pro Football Reference, 300 NFL players have scored at least one point in a Super Bowl. We cannot let this list go unused for its truest, best purpose: as a tool used in arguments to sustain us during the offseason.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: The NFL’s calculations for individual scoring do not award any points to a quarterback who throws a touchdown pass. All six of those points go to the receiver. That means several accomplished QBs, like Troy Aikman, have not, by this definition, ever scored a point in the Super Bowl. Surely this will not perturb Troy in the slightest.

Is this unfair? Perhaps! You should register your complaints about this and any other sporting injustice by sending a letter to this address:

National Football League
c/o Roger Goodell, Commissioner
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Now that you’ve returned from the post office, let’s review the results. Here are your school leaders in Super Bowl points, now current through Super Bowl 55:

  • Miami - 84 points: 10 different Hurricanes have scored points in the Super Bowl, beginning in 1968 with Bill Miller’s two receiving touchdowns for the Raiders in Super Bowl 2 . We did not start this research intending to give Miami Twitter another weapon in their bragging arsenal, but math has led us here all the same. Truly, (sighs deeply) you cannot spell Super Bowl without THE UUUUUUUUUUUUUU.
  • Penn State - 81 points: In second place thanks in large part to three kickers, Robbie Gould and the Bahr brothers. Also Franco Harris. Feel free to use this in future placekicker recruiting pitches, James Franklin.
  • Florida - 68 points: 30 of these belong to Emmitt Smith, and most of the rest boomed off the foot of Don “Babe” Chandler, a kicker and punter for the Green Bay teams that won the first two Super Bowls. Later in his career, while with the Giants, Chandler expressed a desire to live in Tulsa and commute to games. The Giants declined, and Chandler retired in what remains one of the greatest “living in New York City sucks” stances ever.
  • Cal - 66 points: Hard to ignore that it’s former USC coach Pete Carroll denying Cal its rightful slot above the Gators on this list by not giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch on the one-yard line!
  • Notre Dame - 64 points: 22 of these points were scored in Super Bowl 29 alone, when Ricky Watters scored three touchdowns and John Carney kicked a field goal and an extra point. Since that game, in 1995, only one Notre Dame player has scored in a Super Bowl (David Givens, twice).
  • Texas Tech - 62 points: Proof they’re the best and most successful program in the state of Texas. You play football to win championships. You can’t win without scoring. The Super Bowl is the championship of championships. Therefore, Super Bowl scores are the most important scores. If A&M/TCU/Texas/Baylor don’t like that, they should get more players who score points in the Super Bowl. Winners don’t tweet — they COMPETE.
  • Georgia - 61 points
  • Nebraska - 54 points
  • Stanford - 54 points
  • Memphis - 50 points: Proof they’re the best and most successful program in the state of Tennessee. If Tennessee/Vandy/MTSU don’t like it, they should get more players who score points in the Super Bowl. (Vandy is probably fine with it because college baseball is back.)
  • Mississippi Valley State - 48 points: Every program below this point has had decades to recruit and develop thousands of football players, put the best of them into the NFL, and hope they could get to the Super Bowl and score points. And every one of those programs has failed to do, on that large scale, what the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils have done with just Jerry Rice, the man who scored all 48 of these points. Have a great day and try not to dwell on this irrefutable truth, Ohio State!
  • Illinois - 45 points
  • Michigan State - 45 points: If you are an angry Wolverines fan who came to this page and immediately ctrl+F’d “Michigan,” because surely Tom Brady would carry you to victory and honor, please refer back to the beginning of this post. We do not make the rules!
  • Oklahoma - 44 points
  • Arizona - 42 points
New England Patriots Super Bowl LI Victory Parade Photo by Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
  • Ohio State - 42 points
  • USC - 42 points: Two of the four Trojans who’ve scored in the Super Bowl – Lynn Swann and Mike Garrett – have gone on to serve as USC’s athletic director. Congrats to Malcolm Smith for inevitably becoming the third in 2029!
  • UCLA - 39 points
  • NC State - 38 points
  • Wisconsin - 38 points: The Badgers were much lower on this list until James White broke the record for individual points scored in a Super Bowl with three touchdowns and a two-point conversion in 2017 as the Patriots overcame a 28-3 deficit against the Atl(THE REMAINDER OF THIS ENTRY HAS BEEN CORRUPTED AND CANNOT BE FOUND)
  • Colorado - 37 points
  • FSU - 37 points
  • Pitt - 34 points: Extra points for difficulty when you remember that Larry Fitzgerald (12 points) has spent his entire career as a member of the Arizona Cardinals.
  • South Dakota State - 34 points: Did you know Adam Vinatieri went to South Dakota State? Well, now you do. Please credit Banner Society if you ever use this fact to win bar trivia.
  • Michigan - 30 points: If you’d recruited Gronk (30 points), you’d be ahead of Michigan State on this list!
  • Oklahoma State - 30 points: Most of these are courtesy of four Thurman Thomas touchdowns, one in each of Buffalo’s four straight los(THE REMAINDER OF THIS ENTRY HAS BEEN COVERED IN MUSTARD AND POWER-BOMBED THROUGH A FOLDING TABLE IN A CHURCH PARKING LOT)
  • Syracuse - 30 points
  • Wyoming - 30 points
  • LSU - 26 points
  • Minnesota - 25 points
  • BYU - 24 points
  • Cincinnati - 24 points
  • Kansas - 24 points
  • Kansas State - 24 points
  • Louisiana Tech - 24 points: All of these points came from two kickers, Chris Boniol and Matt Stover. The easiest way to get on this list, in fact, is to have a kicker who makes a Super Bowl. Please keep this in mind as we get further down the list and you start to notice which schools are missing.
  • Tulane - 24 points
  • UNC - 24 points
  • James Madison - 23 points: Proof they’re the best and most successful program in the state of Virginia. If Virginia Tech/UVA/William & Mary/Richmond don’t like it, they should get more players who score points in the Super Bowl.
  • Georgia Tech - 22 points
  • Texas A&M - 21 points: Ahead of Texas!
  • Indiana - 20 points: Also ahead of Texas!
  • Louisville - 20 points
  • Virginia Tech - 20 points
  • Alabama A&M - 18 points: Proof they’re the best and most successful program in the state of Alaba — OK, this is probably where I should tell you that Alabama’s not on this list at all. (Auburn is, but you’re going to have to keep scrolling.) No Crimson Tide player has scored a touchdown, field goal, extra point, two-point conversion, or safety in Super Bowl history.

I did not know that by using the NFL’s scoring system I would be denying Ken Stabler’s rightful place in history. And I’m sorry for that, truly.

  • Chadron State - 18 points: On the other hand, Chadron State has an enrollment of less than 2,000 undergraduates and boasts two players (Don Beebe and Danny Woodhead) who’ve scored in the Super Bowl.
  • Tennessee - 18 points: And if you’re still mad, Alabama, this scoring system also means Peyton Manning contributes nothing to his alma mater’s total. Neither does Eli! You have been avenged, Cooper!
  • Washington - 18 points
  • Hawaii - 17 points
  • Texas - 17 points: Think of an amazing Texas position player. That position player has not scored in the Super Bowl. The only Longhorns who have are kickers Justin Tucker and Raúl Allegre.
  • No College Affiliation - 16 points: Two Super Bowl scorers didn’t play college football at all! Garo Yepremian almost played for trained at Butler, but the NCAA ruled him ineligible because he’d spent some time as a semi-pro soccer player. Toni Fritsch had a successful career with the Austrian national team before becoming the kicker for the Cowboys.

College: it’s dumb, and you don’t need it!

  • Arizona State - 16 points: See?
  • Temple - 16 points
  • Youngstown State - 16 points
  • South Carolina - 15 points: Jumped ahead of Oregon thanks to Ryan Succop’s seven points in Tampa’s win over Kansas City.
  • New Mexico State - 14 points
  • North Dakota - 14 points
  • Oregon - 14 points
  • Purdue - 14 points: Moved up after Raheem Mostert scored a touchdown in Super Bowl 54. Mostert tallied five touchdowns in that year’s playoffs and six touchdowns in his entire Purdue career. (To be fair, “Purdue game” and “NFL playoff game” exist on very different ends of the emotional football spectrum.)
  • Utah St. - 14 points
  • Louisiana - 13 points
  • Akron - 12 points
  • Cal-Riverside - 12 points
  • Delaware State - 12 points
  • Grambling - 12 points
  • Iowa State - 12 points
  • Kent State - 12 points
  • Lane - 12 points
  • Marshall - 12 points: This is where you remember Randy Moss only scored one Super Bowl touchdown in his career. Maybe the Super Bowl is bullshit? Pretty sure the Super Bowl is bullshit.
  • Northeastern - 12 points: Not a typo. NorthEASTern.
  • Philander Smith - 12 points
  • Stephen F. Austin - 12 points
  • Tennessee State - 12 points
  • Texas State - 12 points
  • Troy - 12 points
  • Tulsa - 12 points
  • UNLV - 12 points
  • UT-Arlington - 12 points
  • Utah - 12 points
  • Wake Forest - 12 points
  • West Texas A&M - 12 points
  • West Virginia - 12 points
  • Western Michigan - 12 points
  • William & Mary - 12 points
  • Montana State - 11 points
  • Clemson - 10 points: A Clemson Tiger hasn’t scored in a Super Bowl since David Treadwell kicked a field goal and an extra point in Super Bowl 24. Feels like that’ll probably change in the next few years! Considering the Texans alone have Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson sh-
NFL: AFC Wild Card-Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

OK, maybe Sammy Watkins makes it back to the Super Bowl and scores a touchdown.

  • Kentucky - 9 points
  • UTEP - 9 points
  • Boston College - 8 points
  • San Diego State - 7 points
  • Angelo State - 6 points
  • Arkansas - 6 points: Hey, it’s Lance Alworth, the Chargers legend who scored his Super Bowl points ... with the Cowboys! Being a Chargers fan seems fun.
  • Augustana - 6 points
  • Austin Peay - 6 points
  • Bethune-Cookman - 6 points
  • Central Michigan - 6 points
  • Colorado Mesa - 6 points
  • Delaware - 6 points
  • East Carolina - 6 points
  • Fresno State - 6 points
  • Furman - 6 points
  • Harvard - 6 points: The always trendy Crimson now grace this list thanks to Kyle Juszczyk’s touchdown in Super Bowl 54. About time Harvard started to contribute, frankly.
  • Houston - 6 points
  • Iowa - 6 points
  • Lambuth - 6 points
  • Livingstone - 6 points
  • Maryland - 6 points
  • Miami (Ohio) - 6 points
  • Midwestern State - 6 points
  • Mississippi - 6 points
  • Mississippi State - 6 points
  • Missouri Southern - 6 points
  • Monmouth - 6 points
  • Mount Union - 6 points
  • Navy - 6 points: Phil McConkey, the only Midshipman who’s scored in a Super Bowl, got his touchdown in 1987 and then celebrated after the game by finding a pistol a police officer had dropped on the field and returning it. I did not make this up.
  • Nevada - 6 points
  • New Mexico - 6 points
  • Northern Iowa - 6 points
  • Portland State - 6 points
  • Prairie View - 6 points
  • Rice - 6 points
  • Rutgers - 6 points
  • Santa Clara - 6 points
  • SE Louisiana - 6 points
  • SMU - 6 points
  • South Carolina State - 6 points
  • Southern Miss - 6 points: Please commit to memory these two Brett Favre Facts.

1. Brett Favre scored a rushing touchdown in Super Bowl 31 against the Patriots.

2. Brett Favre’s middle name is “Lorenzo.”

  • UMass - 6 points
  • Villanova - 6 points
  • Wabash - 6 points
  • Western Carolina - 6 points
  • Winston-Salem State - 6 points
  • Bowling Green - 5 points
  • Auburn - 4 points: Yup, you’re here, Auburn. You skipped every class this semester but you showed up and sat for the final, and that means you, by some miracle, get credit for this course. Please send your thanks to Al Del Greco.
  • Baylor - 4 points
  • Missouri Western St. - 3 points
  • Long Beach State - 2 points
  • Texas A&M-Commerce - 2 points
  • Toledo - 2 points
  • Weber State - 2 points
  • Coast Guard - 1 point: In 1973, Curt Knight kicked a single extra point for Washington in Super Bowl 7. Imagine Nick Saban, a senior at Kent State, watching that kick. He couldn’t have known it would put Coast Guard on a list of football accomplishments that didn’t include the Crimson Tide. He probably thought, as you did when you started this list, that an Alabama player had surely scored in the Super Bowl before, or would sometime in the next 47 years.

But you and Nick Saban were wrong.