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Improving college football’s contributions to Star Wars Day

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Look, not everybody gets to be the protagonist. That’s ok!

Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images. Banner Society Illustration.

Every year, Star Wars Day comes around and college football programs hop into Photoshop to make something that fits one of a few narrow themes. Look, one of our players has a lightsaber! Ooo, we’re powerful and determined like Darth Vader! Hey, it’s Baby Yoda in our jersey for some reason!

It’s nonsense. The Star Wars Universe makes no sense if it’s got 75 Chewbaccas or Landos or Lukes Skywalker. And the choices schools are making aren’t at all thematically appropriate. If Alabama wants to compare itself to the Death Star or Ohio State has some Darth Maul aspirations, that’s one thing. UCLA? You don’t get to be a major player here.

Fortunately, these movies are populated with dozens of other characters. Even if your school can’t be a heroic Jedi Master or a dangerous Sith Lord, there’s a Star Wars place for them.

To prove it, I’ve made several sample images of my own. Let’s start with the Bruins.

Notre Dame:









All you need is a little creativity. Next year, please DM me on Twitter before throwing out the same lazy social image. My rates are entirely reasonable.