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College football is one of America's biggest sports, paying for large buildings and rich coaches from coast to coast and beyond. Anyway, the players can only get paid in store credit, and no one really knows why.

Power 5 players and college football administrators square off

The power brokers know they’re in trouble, but that might not change their plans for the fall.

It’s always been up to the players to change college football

The NCAA’s dirtiest trick has been making the most powerful part of the sport not realize it

College football’s leaders are answering the wrong questions

The football part’s not safe until the college part is.

I’m sorry your job is hard now, college gatekeepers!

Unfortunately, that’s also your own fault.

How harshly will Covid-19 cut *your* school’s athletic budget?

The loss of basketball TV money hurts small schools most. A football interruption would make chaos for everybody.

Pac-12, get even with your rivals the American way: by exploiting new laws

It’s time for the conference to embrace California law and turn on the NCAA!

A Universal Basic Income for student-athletes: the OBJ UBI

Let’s simply compensate all college football players by having Odell Beckham Jr. disperse funds on camera at the end of each team’s season.

Let every transfer play immediately

There’s no good reason to do anything else.

The complete NCAA Football return checklist

The bad news: it’s going to take a while. The good news: it’s probably going to happen eventually.

The endless argument at the center of college football

Amateur athletes are making money for their universities. This has baffled the top minds of the 1890s.

FAQ: What regular people should know about Cali’s amateurism law

We’ll keep this updated as needed.

Yelling about transfers is more than a century-old CFB tradition

When it comes to player movement around the sport, coaches and administrators have virtually always found something to argue about.

A history of skyrocketing CFB coach salaries, from Camp to Swinney

Let’s go back to the beginning and adjust everything for inflation along the way.

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Hail ‘Bill Walsh CFB,’ king of knockoff entertainment

Reminiscing and grading the least-endorsed football video game ever made.

The NCAA wants to make up its own subpoena power

For the same reason it wants anything else.

Be skeptical when big college athletic departments act broke

Official numbers need to be taken with several grains of salt.

Blame the NCAA, not Ed O’Bannon

EA Sports stopped making NCAA Football because the NCAA is scared of athletes getting paid.


Pay them their goddamn money.

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Meet the bag man: 10 rules for paying college football players

How to buy college football players, in the words of men who deliver the money.


This year’s opening piece is not last year’s piece, and could not be after this offseason. Down the rabbit hole we go.