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I'm from Pittsburgh and went to Maryland. Now I live in D.C., the college football capital of the world, where I write and edit for Banner Society.

Bad Idea Time: a Playoff spot in exchange for a vaccine

Here’s an idea that wouldn’t backfire: tying postseason eligibility to a school’s medical research success.

Explaining and ranking the bizarre hats that pair Northwestern with dozens of schools

A kind of hat that wouldn’t work almost anywhere in the power conferences has found a home in Evanston.

The updated people’s guide to Braden Mann

Pinpoint-accurate Australians dominated college punting for years. This mega-punter restored American pride with a different strategy: kicking the ball really damn hard.

The people’s guide to Lynn Bowden Jr.

Meet the modern equivalent to football’s do-everything stars of the 20th century.

Key Acquisition: An athletic quarter zip

Meet my closet’s most adaptable article of clothing, which can be worn with anything (or nothing) at any time.

Football has been college sports’ golden goose since the 1800s

Since the beginning, football has been the key to every other college sport’s survival.

1920 Cal: the most pleasant fan experience in CFB history

A century ago, Cal showed everyone else how to have a stress-free good time.

The BIRTHDAY MADNESS bracket: Here is the best birthday of them all

We asked the internet to make five-person teams of people who share birthdays. Then we asked the internet to vote on these teams.

18 places to eat a hot dog, ranked

The Unifying Theorem of Hot Dogs says a hot dog’s quality depends on where you eat it.

The many national titles altered by old Big Ten bowl rules

The Big Ten’s skepticism about bowl games shifted a ton of history.