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I'm from Pittsburgh and went to Maryland. Now I live in D.C., the college football capital of the world, where I write and edit for Banner Society.

What’s your favorite college football announcer moment?

Let’s remember some calls.

Tampa, explained

Tom Brady is moving to Tampa.

How to claim a national championship

Hoops is used to having a definitive champ. In 2020, it doesn’t. The college football internet can be of assistance on this.

College students (and everybody else), please don’t go to bars for now

At this time, your beloved bar is dangerous.

MASCOT FRIENDS: Which mascots should be best friends?

Which mascots would we most like to see embracing each other in wholesome fellowship and perhaps doing crimes together as buddies?

24 old-timey sailor animal logos, ranked

A bunch of mid-20th century logos are extremely similar, but we can find key differences.

11 teams have national titles this millennium. Who’ll be #12?

Which team that hasn’t won a natty in a long time will rejoin the circle next? Could we even see a brand-new Playoff champ?

NFL Draft: How to be a sleeper

Let’s discuss the art of being a sleeper prospect.

Elite punters rank objects by how far they could punt them

The NFL’s budding punters debate the puntability of a wide array of items.

Long snappers rank 14 household objects by long-snappability

Let’s dive into the data.