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Bud Elliott has over a decade of experience covering college football, recruiting, and wagering.

Relative recruiting difficulty: how does your CFB team compare?

Realistically comparing your team’s peaks to its annual peers can help show how attractive a destination your head coaching job might be.

The 6 biggest lessons of the Early Signing Period era

The introduction of a December signing period has crunched the recruiting calendar and created competing incentives.

Do recruits remember your school’s last national title?

Here’s how old they were the last time your team won something big.

2019’s CFP field is loaded, compared to 2014-2018

In most years, there’s a clear dropoff between the top team or two and the rest.

Picks for Championship Weekend

Every week, Bud Elliott picks spreads and totals across the country. Track those here, along with the status of various futures throughout the year.

Bad teams should structure coach contracts like NCAA Football’s

P5 bottom-feeders should offer coaches very self-aware goals, then reward them with time.

The updated Sunshine State Scorecard

Bud Elliott tracks the state of Florida’s many recruiting battles here, from now through February’s Signing Day.

How to avoid getting drafted by the Dolphins

Current college football players face an ominous horizon. Let’s figure out how to navigate.

California’s running low on big dudes, but why?

If this is truly a long-term trend, it could help explain some of the Pac-12’s struggles on the field.

Play these 8 conference rivalries in non-con, if need be

Don’t let the corporate suits tell you which rivals you do and do not get to play.