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Bud Elliott has over a decade of experience covering college football, recruiting, and wagering.

The Sunshine State Scorecard

Bud Elliott tracks the state of Florida’s many recruiting battles here, from now through February’s Signing Day.

10 teams who should pick rivalry fights with bigger powers

Here are college football teams who should follow the example set by Colorado-Nebraska and UConn-UCF.

Theory: the Pac-12 will have a team in the Playoff

Will the Power 5’s most made-fun-of league earn a spot? Let’s track it all season.

Every conference should replace divisions with pods

Replacing divisions with a pod system would carry a ton of benefits and no obvious drawbacks.

11 Cam Newton alternate histories

How many of Cam’s reported suitors could’ve won it all if they’d signed him?

A few open secrets about the recruit hat ceremony

Those hats on the table of the recruit commitment ceremony don’t always represent real offers.

How a European recruit gets noticed 5,000 miles away

About 5,300 miles from Colorado, Valentin Senn developed into a promising tackle and later signed with the Buffs.

The really simple way to fix college football’s targeting rule

Players should not be ejected for clearly accidental violations.

How 2-star recruits get drafted

It's not usually because major college football programs and recruiting analysts miss on elite high school prospects.