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College football internetmaker since 2010. Manager/editor since 2006. Writer. Shutdown Fullcast co-idiot. The Read Option newsletter founder. Launching a Bible history comedy (???) podcast and other stuff over here.

Imagine the Playoff arguments if CFB had no non-con games

For no reason at all, let’s imagine a September-less CFB season.

Draft Points: How each ‘Position U’ argument changes all the time

Let’s assign point values to each NFL Draft spot since 1970 and see what we can learn.

Emergency DAD QUARANTINE protocols

Does your restless dad simply refuse to stop puttering to Home Depot? Time for a plan.

The BIRTHDAY MADNESS bracket: Here is the best birthday of them all

We asked the internet to make five-person teams of people who share birthdays. Then we asked the internet to vote on these teams.

What’s your favorite college football announcer moment?

Let’s remember some calls.

All safety advice should be shouted at us by Ed Orgeron

One government employee has never lied to me and has never failed to capture my attention.

2020 might’ve been college basketball’s 2007

We know the weirdest season in CFB history. How about CBB, at least if we exclude March Madness?

MASCOT FRIENDS: Which mascots should be best friends?

Which mascots would we most like to see embracing each other in wholesome fellowship and perhaps doing crimes together as buddies?

The whole point of sports

Schedules are not sports. People boosting each other is sports.

Bad Idea Time: Make every college have a totally unique nickname

For one thing, there are way, way too many Eagles.