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Richard started out covering the University of Florida athletic program from 2013 until his college graduation in May, 2015 where he focused primarily on football, baseball and men’s basketball. You wanna talk bad offense? Holler. He's based out of Brooklyn but as a native of Gainesville, Florida, college sports run in his blood. While his focus is writing he has a pretty face with velvety pipes so doing podcasts or video is well within his wheelhouse. He prides himself on being one of the few black journalists covering the sport on a national level.

Why gaps are the most important building blocks of every play

Once you understand the ABCs of football, you can begin to understand anything else about the sport as well.

The people’s guide to Mekhi Becton

Becton’s size and speed make him more or less impossible to miss, whether you’re a fan on the couch or a linebacker at the second level.

What’s your favorite college football announcer moment?

Let’s remember some calls.

A day unlike any other

Please do what you can to steer clear of crowds at this time. Jim Nantz is.

MASCOT FRIENDS: Which mascots should be best friends?

Which mascots would we most like to see embracing each other in wholesome fellowship and perhaps doing crimes together as buddies?

11 teams have national titles this millennium. Who’ll be #12?

Which team that hasn’t won a natty in a long time will rejoin the circle next? Could we even see a brand-new Playoff champ?

Happy Leap Day! What is your favorite college football leap?

These are some of ours.

6 ways to make the NFL’s stupid Wonderlic thing actually good

Let’s not only test intelligence in better ways, let’s get some good TV out of it.

Which player from CFB history would you move to another team?

Would you send somebody back? Forward? To a different school? Etc.?

The Blind RT: Best Picture nominees you’ve never seen but recommend

Let us ponder the greatest films we’ve never seen.