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Richard started out covering the University of Florida athletic program from 2013 until his college graduation in May, 2015 where he focused primarily on football, baseball and men’s basketball. You wanna talk bad offense? Holler. He's based out of Brooklyn but as a native of Gainesville, Florida, college sports run in his blood. While his focus is writing he has a pretty face with velvety pipes so doing podcasts or video is well within his wheelhouse. He prides himself on being one of the few black journalists covering the sport on a national level.

The decade QBs of color took over college football

The highest levels of quarterbacking used to be mostly for the whitest of faces. In the 2010s, that changed dramatically. So did the fortunes of teams that put black and brown QBs in charge of their offenses.

6 thoughts about USC’s lost decade

USC rambled through 10 mediocre years. Here, we ramble about what that decade meant.

How Clemson saves QB runs for when they’re needed most

Clemson’s careful about when they ask the quarterback to run, but it’s still a powerful card in their deck.

The 6-step guide to making a banger LSU hype video

How the Tigers became the national champions of videos that make you want to run through a wall.

Cars: college football recruiting’s most storied currency

The most American invention has always fueled the market of the most American sport.

How ‘The Fridge’ changed football

The Piesman Trophy forefather paved the way for fellow big men to become goal-line weapons to this day.

CFB has SO MANY Coach of the Year awards. Let’s make each unique

You know how the NBA has hilariously literal awards like "Most Improved Player?" Let’s make all 9,000 of college football’s coaching awards just as specific.

5 ways to improve college football’s Selection Sunday

The ESPN show will remain three hours long regardless, so we might as well have some more fun with it.

What do search firms actually do?

This is why athletic departments pay tens of thousands of dollars, even if they end up hiring their first choice anyway.

Bama’s missed kicks have seldom actually mattered

It almost never matters ... except when it really does.