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As the Editor-in-Chief of Banner Society, Ryan is directly responsible for all the things you don't like, disagree with, or think aren't funny. Before Banner Society, Ryan was the Executive Producer leading SB Nation's video team, a contributing writer to SB Nation and Every Day Should Be Saturday, and a good but not amazing attorney.

The foolproof tool that tells you which QB to draft

Numbers cannot lie, numbers cannot hurt your feelings

Welcome To Infrastructure Week

In which we adopt 2021 college football teams based solely on schedule quirkiness

Can you guess who holds the record for most consecutive games with a kick return TD?

Here’s a hint: he didn’t play for a team that did all that well!

Firing One Coach Every Week of the 2021 Season

This is not a prediction, unless it turns out to be correct.

Does your state have a Batman?

A painstaking survey of these United States and their Batmen

Bad Idea Time: Auction Off the Top Five Draft Spots

It’s for charity, so you can’t get mad

A North Texas softball pitcher broke the sports dictionary

What do you call a perfect game that’s just strikeouts?

Opening the MAILBAT: Volume 2

Batman answers the call. We answer your questions. Heroism comes in many forms.

The NCAA should combine the men’s and women’s tournaments

It means more money, greater equity, and better opportunities to grow college basketball

Mr. Darcy and Bruce Wayne are the same man on two different paths

Maybe just write The Joker a long, heartfelt letter, Batman