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As the Editor-in-Chief of Banner Society, Ryan is directly responsible for all the things you don't like, disagree with, or think aren't funny. Before Banner Society, Ryan was the Executive Producer leading SB Nation's video team, a contributing writer to SB Nation and Every Day Should Be Saturday, and a good but not amazing attorney.

The Tennessee record that ruined an Ole Miss season

A Volunteer holds the record for most consecutive rushing attempts, but it might not be the one you think it is

The five-month TV war between the NCAA and one of its schools

How a fight with an Ivy League team set the stage for 30 years of college football television policy

This year, March Madness never gave us the chance to steal from our bosses

This is our right as employees, and we must fight for its return in future years.

In the shadow of COVID-19, what was 2020 like for college athletes?

A recent NCAA survey provides some insight into the challenges players across the country faced.

20 actors I would like to see play Batman

This is my list, but you can add to it if you want to

Jeff Long doesn’t deserve to hire another Kansas football coach

The Jayhawks can’t make the next hire until they explain how they screwed up the last one.

Opening the MAILBAT: Volume 1

We took your questions about Batman and gave you the answers you deserve, even if they’re not the ones you need right now.

Bad Idea Time: Elect the CFB Playoff Committee

Democracy is broken, and so is the college football postseason, so let’s mash ‘em up!

The eight best places to join a TV broadcast of Speed

Newcomers are welcome at almost any point in Speed’s 1 hour, 56 minute runtime!

I have an important pop culture theory

You will now read it and share it with others online as you see fit