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As the Editor-in-Chief of Banner Society, Ryan is directly responsible for all the things you don't like, disagree with, or think aren't funny. Before Banner Society, Ryan was the Executive Producer leading SB Nation's video team, a contributing writer to SB Nation and Every Day Should Be Saturday, and a good but not amazing attorney.

The UTEP backup who briefly couldn’t stop throwing TDs

With the help of a truly atrocious New Mexico defense

Batman’s definitely using PEDs, right?

I have no qualms with the Bat getting gassed up, for the record

In 2006, Hawaii demolished a punting record

And I’m pretty sure they might have done it on accident

Is Tom Brady the tallest NFL player ever?

It will be interesting to find out the answer!

Every point scored in Super Bowl history, assigned by college

Please use this for all your college football arguments, online and in real life

Point/Counterpoint: Tennessee Sooner Batman

Okay, so, we’re doing this.

The night Auburn held the ball for an entire quarter

And Steve Spurrier just had to stand on the sideline and watch in agony

Will Muschamp Explains The GameStop Story

A special report from college football’s finest financial mind

Consider this unsung quality of the Pac-12

Wait, where are you going?

Who is Bills Batman?

A masked hero, untouched by the tendrils of internet sleuths