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College football writer. Founder, contributor @SB Nation, longform dilettante. Failing objectivity on the internet since 2005. Weighs somewhere between 200 and 700 pounds.

It’s time to liberate the archive of college football game tape

You get the ability to watch whatever old game you want. Rights-holders and schools get more money.

Emergency DAD QUARANTINE protocols

Does your restless dad simply refuse to stop puttering to Home Depot? Time for a plan.

Hatin’ Ass Spurrier, COVID-19 edition

In times of trouble, we turn to our leaders for the saltiest barbs.

How college strength coaches are handling quarantine

The simple answer: the same way everyone is doing anything right now.

Golf Story rules

The true key to a Nintendo Switch sports RPG: bizarre, 16-bit class warfare.

What’s your favorite college football announcer moment?

Let’s remember some calls.

How to work from home

A guide from a master of this delicate practice

MASCOT FRIENDS: Which mascots should be best friends?

Which mascots would we most like to see embracing each other in wholesome fellowship and perhaps doing crimes together as buddies?

Dog mascots, reviewed

Many college football games include free dog shows. It’s time we pay more attention to those.

11 teams have national titles this millennium. Who’ll be #12?

Which team that hasn’t won a natty in a long time will rejoin the circle next? Could we even see a brand-new Playoff champ?