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Sources: It’s Pensacola Season

But we need to have a talk about La Croix.

Welcome To Infrastructure Week

In which we adopt 2021 college football teams based solely on schedule quirkiness

Opening the MAILBAT: Volume 2

Batman answers the call. We answer your questions. Heroism comes in many forms.

No one wants the triple option. No one can explain why.

Even Kansas, and they’re Kansas.

Batman would make a great college football recruiter

Long hours, hard work, no pay

Everything You Need To Know About The Snyder Cut

Now let’s never talk about any of this again

Hot Dish: 99 Red Loss Balloons

In which MAC and corn don’t mix.

College football’s power brokers solve every problem they need to – except Title IX

Perhaps they think they don’t need to.

Opening the MAILBAT: Volume 1

We took your questions about Batman and gave you the answers you deserve, even if they’re not the ones you need right now.

Blind Item: That time a coach bought out a gas station

Twizzlers for everyone!