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There’s only one way to be a bad Joker

And it’s not Jared Leto

Gus Malzahn to UCF doesn’t make sense for either side

Neither the coach nor the school really needs one another. That tends to be a problem.

Arkansas is finally playing Arkansas State, increasing the level of Arkansas in college football

Don’t be alarmed, that’s perfectly fine from a distance

If you get a chance to be UCF’s head football coach, you should do that

The Knights are a massive opportunity with everything already in place

America’s emergency president is really into Batman.

Like, really.

Danny White is about to hire Tennessee’s next coach. Expect the unexpected.

The Vols might go big. They’ll almost certainly go with a surprise.

Tennessee just hired an outsider to fix things. Now they have to let him do it.

Danny White is the aggressor the Vols have lacked.

Give me the Schumacher Cut

Don’t tell me there’s a way-too-long version of "Batman Forever" focused on Bruce Wayne’s psyche and NOT show it to me!

We have some questions about Kevin Steele and Tennessee

No reason.

The last time Ohio State and Alabama played matters a lot more now

The 2015 Sugar Bowl changed things, and not just in ‘The Heart of the South.’