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Does Home Alone 2 present an alternate Batman universe?

Listen, staying home with young children messes with your brain.

Does Auburn know it’s not a scrappy, also-ran SEC program?

Because they’re sure not acting like it as they try to replace Gus Malzahn!

Bid farewell to the endless summer of FIRE MALZAHN

Also: How Jeremy Pruitt can make more money by getting fired

Every SEC hire is a Beamer or a Chadwell

And what the Louisiana-Monroe job has to do with the Philadelphia Eagles

Southern Miss has cycled through a lot of names for their next head coach. Vanderbilt is just starting.

Rich Rod, BERT, and the SEC’s hardest job walk into a pandemic...

Vanderbilt remains college football’s best ‘should be’ job

Also, Virginia Tech has disappeared and Utah State would like you to forget

The current state of Tennessee football and Hugh Freeze are made for each other

Don’t ask me what happens after that

When did you know Jim Harbaugh at Michigan wasn’t gonna work out?

We review the history, which is very fun if you’re not a Wolverines fan.

Will Muschamp’s end at South Carolina makes as much sense as anything else in 2020

And the NFL isn’t done trying to hire away college "culture"

What happens next for the Pac-12?

A shortened schedule’s already starting to crack as the league scrambles to fill empty spots.