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Revisiting the idea of Phil Fulmer, Interim Tennessee Head Coach

No reason, why do you ask

The industry wants coaching turnover, but USC probably won’t help

And Gary Andersen is what happens when boosters run programs

Enjoy Cincinnati for what they are, because the playoff committee surely won’t

The Bearcats look like the next great Group of Five team left out of the postseason. We have to learn to cope with that.

Here’s how college football just saw an active head coach leave for another job mid-season

Hint: 2020

There’s no reason to believe SEC officiating is helping Auburn win to keep their boosters sedated

We would never imply such a thing

Every Batman villain is either a Michigan or an Ohio State

As in the Big Ten, everything in Gotham can be reduced to either saying you’re better than someone or throwing a full can of beer at them

So far, Mike Leach isn’t failing or succeeding at Mississippi State. He’s just being Mike Leach.

The highs and lows seem bigger, but the pattern’s the same.

An Appeal To Hogs

Arkansas is unhinged and ready to fight again, and that’s maybe more important than winning

The Kansas State Proposition: Would you trade a title for an Oklahoma-sized win every year?

The Wildcats: are good but never great, create massive upsets and reward their fans’ loyalty. Doesn’t that sound nice?

The SEC tried to help its top teams start as normally as possible. Then 2020 crept in.

By pitting its best teams against its worst, the league sought to protect national title contenders. It worked, except when it really didn’t.