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Batman Friday

An interview with my mother about Batman

or, The Killing Joke

Batman Friday Presents: B A T D R A F T

You wanted a mock draft

Does your state have a Batman?

A painstaking survey of these United States and their Batmen

Opening the MAILBAT: Volume 2

Batman answers the call. We answer your questions. Heroism comes in many forms.

Mr. Darcy and Bruce Wayne are the same man on two different paths

Maybe just write The Joker a long, heartfelt letter, Batman

Batman would make a great college football recruiter

Long hours, hard work, no pay

Everything You Need To Know About The Snyder Cut

Now let’s never talk about any of this again

20 actors I would like to see play Batman

This is my list, but you can add to it if you want to

Opening the MAILBAT: Volume 1

We took your questions about Batman and gave you the answers you deserve, even if they’re not the ones you need right now.

There’s only one way to be a bad Joker

And it’s not Jared Leto

“OK, Batman”: A Startup Guide

Turn the hero you deserve into the hero you need.

Batman’s definitely using PEDs, right?

I have no qualms with the Bat getting gassed up, for the record

Point/Counterpoint: Tennessee Sooner Batman

Okay, so, we’re doing this.

America’s emergency president is really into Batman.

Like, really.

Who is Bills Batman?

A masked hero, untouched by the tendrils of internet sleuths

Give me the Schumacher Cut

Don’t tell me there’s a way-too-long version of "Batman Forever" focused on Bruce Wayne’s psyche and NOT show it to me!

The Batman movie that’s not about Batman

If you’re going to make big choices, really commit to them!

Does Home Alone 2 present an alternate Batman universe?

Listen, staying home with young children messes with your brain.

A literary examination of “Jingle bells, Batman smells”

College is definitely worth the money.

21 Questions about the Kiss from a Rose music video

Happy Batman Friday to all who celebrate.

A letter to Batman from the Gotham Tourism and Business Development Council

Please open immediately.

An Interview With Burbank’s New Seven-and-a-Half-Foot Bronze Statue Of Batman

A gig’s a gig, you know?


Re: FWD: fwd: RE: Holy rusted metal, this thing is for sale

The Batman Hierarchy of Needs

Interrogated and explained

Could Batman be President of the United States of America?

An important political question, answered

Let’s recast Batman Forever

Batman Fridays belong to you, not your workplace!

Every Batman villain is either a Michigan or an Ohio State

As in the Big Ten, everything in Gotham can be reduced to either saying you’re better than someone or throwing a full can of beer at them

Where was Batman after the 2008 mortgage crisis?

Batman did not respond to our requests for comment on this story, even though Batman is definitely real.

The 30 Tennessee and Georgia QBs who could be Batman villains

Batman (Friday) Forever

Batman: A Fourth Amendment Analysis

I am a lawyer so you have to listen to me.

Florida-Tennessee: the most Batman rivalry game


In defense of ‘Batman vs. Superman,’ a film brave enough to launch a franchise using a college football game

Loving something broken is no different in film than sports