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Alternate history

Few sports are better suited to alternate histories than college football is. We have so many teams, they play so few games, players are only around for a few years, coaches change jobs constantly ... and one little bounce can matter more than all of that.

All the ways one Oklahoma punt might’ve changed history

Oklahoma punted on a chance to beat Georgia in the Rose Bowl. Let’s consider how the world might’ve been different.

Which player from CFB history would you move to another team?

Would you send somebody back? Forward? To a different school? Etc.?

What if Louisiana had two SEC teams all along?

Tulane had a path to remaining something like LSU’s football peer. Why didn’t that happen, and what could’ve been?

Alternate history: Everything that happens if USC hires Orgeron

In 2013, the Trojans passed on hiring their beloved interim coach. That changed the arc of at least a half-dozen major programs.

All the ways one strange Louisville-Clemson play altered history

Inches separated Louisville from the Tigers’ 2016 ACC Atlantic title. Those inches changed the sport, possibly for years to come.

10 teams who should pick rivalry fights with bigger powers

Here are college football teams who should follow the example set by Colorado-Nebraska and UConn-UCF.

The anatomical case that Michael Dyer *wasn’t* down

The internet has long debated whether parts of the Auburn hero touched the ground. They didn’t, according to body part experts.

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Hail ‘Bill Walsh CFB,’ king of knockoff entertainment

Reminiscing and grading the least-endorsed football video game ever made.

Guessing who would’ve made the last 6 NCAA covers

Let’s take a guess at who would’ve repped it if it’d never gone on hiatus.

Fictional college football teams, power ranked

Who would’ve won a playoff between the ESU Timberwolves, SCLSU Mud Dogs, Blue Mountain State Mountain Goats, and a bunch more?

17 old college football moments that really, really needed Twitter

College football’s sprawling randomness fits Twitter better than it does any other social media platform.

11 Cam Newton alternate histories

How many of Cam’s reported suitors could’ve won it all if they’d signed him?