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Eternal Arguments

Fun fact: every single argument we have about college football has been raging virtually unchanged for 150+ years. Little by little, this webpage will prove it.

Football has been college sports’ golden goose since the 1800s

Since the beginning, football has been the key to every other college sport’s survival.

College football scheduling has always been this dumb

Rivals ducking each other because of fear, greed, accusations, bad manners, and inequity? Yep, we’ve been yelling at each other about this for well over a century.

The endless argument at the center of college football

Amateur athletes are making money for their universities. This has baffled the top minds of the 1890s.

Yelling about transfers is more than a century-old CFB tradition

When it comes to player movement around the sport, coaches and administrators have virtually always found something to argue about.

Since 1882, we’ve been arguing about football overtime

CFB disputes never resolve, often including the games themselves.

A 91-year history of ‘too many bowl games’ whining

Don’t like football on TV? Then you’re making the same argument somebody was making back when there was only one bowl.

2 teams dominating CFB for years at a time is not new

The only thing that’s new: we now have a setup that ensures they meet.

21 years of telling undefeated non-powers they aren’t worthy

These Nobodies never actually got the chance to compete for titles, but if they did beat a Somebody, there was always an excuse.