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Coach Stuff

College football coaches are allegedly super important. On this page you'll find information about these people. If you read enough blog posts, maybe you'll get to be a coach one day too!

Firing One Coach Every Week of the 2021 Season

This is not a prediction, unless it turns out to be correct.

No one wants the triple option. No one can explain why.

Even Kansas, and they’re Kansas.

Jeff Long doesn’t deserve to hire another Kansas football coach

The Jayhawks can’t make the next hire until they explain how they screwed up the last one.

Gus Malzahn to UCF doesn’t make sense for either side

Neither the coach nor the school really needs one another. That tends to be a problem.

If you get a chance to be UCF’s head football coach, you should do that

The Knights are a massive opportunity with everything already in place

Danny White is about to hire Tennessee’s next coach. Expect the unexpected.

The Vols might go big. They’ll almost certainly go with a surprise.

Every coach rumoredly tied to the Tennessee job since 2008

This list is subject to expansion, probably pretty soon.

We have some questions about Kevin Steele and Tennessee

No reason.

Which schools get opposing coaches fired mid-season?

15 years of data, compiled for your benefit!

Does Auburn know it’s not a scrappy, also-ran SEC program?

Because they’re sure not acting like it as they try to replace Gus Malzahn!

Bid farewell to the endless summer of FIRE MALZAHN

Also: How Jeremy Pruitt can make more money by getting fired

Every SEC hire is a Beamer or a Chadwell

And what the Louisiana-Monroe job has to do with the Philadelphia Eagles

Southern Miss has cycled through a lot of names for their next head coach. Vanderbilt is just starting.

Rich Rod, BERT, and the SEC’s hardest job walk into a pandemic...

Vanderbilt remains college football’s best ‘should be’ job

Also, Virginia Tech has disappeared and Utah State would like you to forget

The current state of Tennessee football and Hugh Freeze are made for each other

Don’t ask me what happens after that

Will Muschamp’s end at South Carolina makes as much sense as anything else in 2020

And the NFL isn’t done trying to hire away college "culture"

Justin Fuente and the art of not making friends

If I were a college football coach, I would simply make good decisions and win games.

Here’s how college football just saw an active head coach leave for another job mid-season

Hint: 2020

Will Muschamp should be on the hottest seat in the SEC, but not during a pandemic... right?

The economics of coaching look bad in a normal year, and 2020 is anything but

The NCAA froze eligibility to solve one problem, but there’s plenty more

Adjusting for COVID-19’s impact on scholarships and rosters will take a lot more work

Coaches don’t know what to do with themselves if there’s no fall football

From teaching to mowing lawns, it’s about to get creative

The days of the mega buyout may be numbered

Quietly, athletic departments are figuring out how to delay or reduce paying out the giant buyouts they agreed to

In praise of Kentucky, the football coach’s ‘Best Job In College Football’

Imagine making millions, coaching in the SEC and still living a sane life

Is Scott Satterfield the Bobby Petrino Antidote?

Petrino ruins program cultures. Hiring Satterfield might’ve cured Louisville quickly.

The time has come for Coachlympics

Let Ronnie Lott score you on rings!

The time Howard Schnellenberger scored a game-winner against Tennessee

A True Story of Schnelly Greatness

Congratulations! You’re in Year Negative One

The coaching jobs that deserve a little bit more patience from the start

The Art of The Bobby Petrino Coaching Bio

It’s about the words you don’t say!

Why gaps are the most important building blocks of every play

Once you understand the ABCs of football, you can begin to understand anything else about the sport as well.

How college strength coaches are handling quarantine

The simple answer: the same way everyone is doing anything right now.

Let’s embrace the oddity of Colorado’s coaching hire

Hey, it might work fine, and if not, we get to bring some nostalgia into the modern college football internet.

Your new head coach will probably be gone within 4 years

It’s time to start saying goodbye.