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Well, college football has a lot of history. The best thing about it: no matter how silly the game you're watching is, it's almost certainly happened like a dozen times before, most likely involving Washington State or Auburn.

Every point scored in Super Bowl history, assigned by college

Please use this for all your college football arguments, online and in real life

Memphis Ruined Your Day: 1996 Tennessee

If you’re looking to know why a 26-point underdog beat Peyton Manning, I still can’t tell you.

Every SEC West team’s worst loss

Please forward all complaints to Arkansas, who likely caused you this stress and frustration.

Every SEC East team’s worst loss

We all have regrets, and some of them involve Kentucky.

The time Howard Schnellenberger scored a game-winner against Tennessee

A True Story of Schnelly Greatness

Five times Kansas screwed up a Mizzou football season

Pantsing your rival is college football’s highest purpose.

Imagine the Playoff arguments if CFB had no non-con games

For no reason at all, let’s imagine a September-less CFB season.

Draft Points: How each ‘Position U’ argument changes all the time

Let’s assign point values to each NFL Draft spot since 1970 and see what we can learn.

Football has been college sports’ golden goose since the 1800s

Since the beginning, football has been the key to every other college sport’s survival.

1920 Cal: the most pleasant fan experience in CFB history

A century ago, Cal showed everyone else how to have a stress-free good time.

How’s the second XFL doing compared to its predecessors?

Measuring the XFL by the primary statistic that matters for a startup football league.

The many national titles altered by old Big Ten bowl rules

The Big Ten’s skepticism about bowl games shifted a ton of history.

What’s your favorite college football announcer moment?

Let’s remember some calls.

Dog mascots, reviewed

Many college football games include free dog shows. It’s time we pay more attention to those.

24 old-timey sailor animal logos, ranked

A bunch of mid-20th century logos are extremely similar, but we can find key differences.

11 teams have national titles this millennium. Who’ll be #12?

Which team that hasn’t won a natty in a long time will rejoin the circle next? Could we even see a brand-new Playoff champ?

The All-Time All-Combine Team: The greatest at each position

Here’s a team made up of the best performers in the history of the NFL Combine.

Happy Leap Day! What is your favorite college football leap?

These are some of ours.

Your new head coach will probably be gone within 4 years

It’s time to start saying goodbye.

All the ways one Oklahoma punt might’ve changed history

Oklahoma punted on a chance to beat Georgia in the Rose Bowl. Let’s consider how the world might’ve been different.

Which player from CFB history would you move to another team?

Would you send somebody back? Forward? To a different school? Etc.?

CFB’s 14 worst defending national champs, categorized

Juggernauts rarely nose-dive the next year. Here’s how it’s happened in the most extreme cases.

The 15 highest-rated Signing Day classes ever

Saban and Smart are all over this, but Meyer tops both lists ... with two different schools.

Here’s some interesting data on 2020 recruiti-WTF USC

How well did each team recruit, relative to its established norm?

Each CFB signing class averages 2.5 different #1 recruits

Congratulations to your school and its rival for both signing the #1 recruit.

All 50 states, ranked by their percentage of national blue-chip recruits

Georgia’s rise and California’s slip mean the Big Three is officially the Big Four.

How 1947 Michigan helped the Chiefs win the Super Bowl

And more about Fritz Crisler, one of the most important football coaches ever.

College football coaches, please stop invoking Hitler

If you want to make a point about leadership, pick somebody else.

College football scheduling has always been this dumb

Rivals ducking each other because of fear, greed, accusations, bad manners, and inequity? Yep, we’ve been yelling at each other about this for well over a century.

All the ways Ole Miss’ fake pee changed the world (updated)

On Thanksgiving 2019, a Mississippi man pretended to pee like a dog. Then nothing was the same.

The 15 most overmatched teams ever, based on schedule strength

Let’s find the most schedule-doomed team of each decade in college football history.

Who’s the best college QB ever? Here are 9 answers

There’s no agreed-upon definition. Here are different lenses for that argument, along with an answer (or two) for each.