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Well, college football has a lot of history. The best thing about it: no matter how silly the game you're watching is, it's almost certainly happened like a dozen times before, most likely involving Washington State or Auburn.

The decade QBs of color took over college football

The highest levels of quarterbacking used to be mostly for the whitest of faces. In the 2010s, that changed dramatically. So did the fortunes of teams that put black and brown QBs in charge of their offenses.

203 bowl game sponsors, graded by Coach Dunkability

Here’s a list of almost every major FBS bowl game ever, categorized by the only factor that currently matters.

The path to beating Bama was always simple (but not easy)

Nick Saban’s losses don’t have many common traits. Here’s one.

Every time, LSU and New Orleans title games are inseparable

And the voodoo trend all the way back to the 1930s, kind of.

What if Louisiana had two SEC teams all along?

Tulane had a path to remaining something like LSU’s football peer. Why didn’t that happen, and what could’ve been?

How 2019 LSU fits into 11 different Best Team Ever debates

"Best college football team ever" can mean so many different things.

CFB’s 70 most underrated teams ever, based on the AP Poll

The most underrated team from every preseason AP Poll ever.

The 70 most overrated teams ever, one from every preseason AP Poll

Here’s the biggest disappointment from every preseason poll in AP history.

THE definitive national champ for each season, 1869-2019

Or the closest thing to it, based on historical consensus. We’ll also do a final count at the end.

Alternate history: Everything that happens if USC hires Orgeron

In 2013, the Trojans passed on hiring their beloved interim coach. That changed the arc of at least a half-dozen major programs.

Almost every national champ has a bad game along the way

And yeah, a Power 5 champ can likely make the Playoff despite a terrible loss.

Dynasty Mode: The 7 ways CFB dynasties end

Let’s pick a metric that gives us a list of dynasties, and then let’s find some common threads.

6 thoughts about USC’s lost decade

USC rambled through 10 mediocre years. Here, we ramble about what that decade meant.

84 plays that defined 2010s college football

Let a list of very good (and very not good) plays tell you the story of CFB’s decade.

A short history of bowl relocation

Bowl are like people: sometimes they need to move to a new town and change their name!

College football’s STATE CHAMPS OF THE 2010s, mapped

College football is massive and doesn’t lend itself to state championships, but we can do our best to fill that void.

15 Bama games rank in the top 10 games of the 2010s, somehow

The Tide co-starred in most of the decade’s biggest moments.

The weird Granddaddy: How the Rose set six strange standards

Why are bowl games called "bowl games?" The answer to that and several other questions go back to the Rose Bowl.

Four hours is all we need

Most of the time, the Rose Bowl is a cog in the machine it created. And then one afternoon each year, it’s a dream made real.

Replacing the worst BIG BOWL teams of the BCS/NY6 era

Antiquated rules have meant some forgettable teams ascending to the biggest bowls.


Your periodic journey through the most infuriated sectors of the college football internet visits an old friend.

The first Rose Bowl was one of the worst games ever

Fittingly for this sport, the 1902 Rose Bowl was ugly as hell, made a lot of money, and spawned a tradition that lasted generations.

Cars: college football recruiting’s most storied currency

The most American invention has always fueled the market of the most American sport.

Do recruits remember your school’s last national title?

Here’s how old they were the last time your team won something big.

The weight of Army-Navy

What’s it’s like to prepare for the greatest rivalry in college football amid a 14-year losing streak

Joe Burrow: the greatest Heisman turnaround ever?

And was there any way we could’ve seen any of this coming?

What Army-Navy’s disjointed history says about college football

The biggest military clashes in history usually didn’t stop Army-Navy from getting played. Here’s what was more damaging to their relationship.

Universal All-Americans: Let’s combine all CFB awards into one thing

Sort of like the NCAA’s "consensus All-Americans" idea, but much more encompassing and definitive.

The BVP Award: Celebrating CFB’s most CFB players

Finally, an award that honors college football’s history of THAT GUYs. Let’s use the whole 21st century so far as reference.

How ‘The Fridge’ changed football

The Piesman Trophy forefather paved the way for fellow big men to become goal-line weapons to this day.

The people’s guide to Steve McNair

"Air II" McNair’s 1994 at Alcorn State might be the best QB season college football will ever have.

Every year, Ohio State is the Playoff’s biggest controversy: 2014-2019

Season after season, the Buckeyes end up right in the middle of the CFP debate.