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Well, college football has a lot of history. The best thing about it: no matter how silly the game you're watching is, it's almost certainly happened like a dozen times before, most likely involving Washington State or Auburn.

Chris Petersen was always on time

The Washington and Boise State coach left college football the same way he lived in it: efficiently.

Ranking all 123 bowl-banned teams ever

There have been way more NCAA-banned FBS teams than we thought. Here’s how they stack up across history.

Bama’s missed kicks have seldom actually mattered

It almost never matters ... except when it really does.

Michigan-Ohio State, understood as an academic phobia

The Game is designed to stir up every test anxiety a Michigan fan can experience.

What is CFB’s most Thanksgiving Day rivalry? I looked into it

College football has a waning but deep Thanksgiving history. Its many rivalries demand superlatives.

Virginia-Virginia Tech: A nightmare journal

UVA is in the midst of a 15-year losing streak to the Hokies. This is that journey, as it exists in dreams.

6 things every rivalry can learn from great Thanksgiving rivalries

Let’s apply some semi-science to figure out what makes a great Rivalry Week battle, then try to apply it to every game.

The 7 greatest SEC-SoCon Challenge games ever

The SEC likes to give itself automatic wins in mid-November. Well, they’re not exactly automatic.

The Auburn Tigers, college football’s greatest ruiner of things

A short history of a long story: Auburn’s crimes against football.

College football’s many GAMES OF THE CENTURY, somewhat ranked

Every few years, we get a game of the century. Let’s codify that a little bit and see which GAMES OF THE CENTURY are truly OF THE CENTURY.

Introducing RUTGERS GAMES, a specific kind of CFB blowout

You know that feeling when a Power 5 team has no hope whatsoever of competing against a supposed peer?

The recent successes of Rutgers football

Don’t mock Rutgers if you’re on this list.

The Realignment Window: Winning when the good teams leave

Leaving for a better conference sounds enticing. But what if you stay put and win your depleted league? These are the best teams ever at doing that.

Rutgers invented basically nothing about college football

After the first football game, "The Birthplace" had little to do with the sport’s evolution. And was that first game even football?

The Big Ten’s Rutgers domination is a case study in CFB lopsidedness

The gap between any two teams in a conference can be huge. Here’s what it looks like when the gap between one team and everybody else is basically that big.

The 2012-18 guide to talking yourself into LSU beating Alabama

We’re all in this together.

Actually, the AP Poll is great ... if you use it right

Don’t pay too much attention to weekly fluctuation. Instead, look at how this week fits into a decades-long history.

All the ways one strange Louisville-Clemson play altered history

Inches separated Louisville from the Tigers’ 2016 ACC Atlantic title. Those inches changed the sport, possibly for years to come.

How to tell if your CFB season has an unusual number of contenders

It probably doesn’t, but here are two charts to check just in case.

Blood Week: How to spot a truly chaotic college football weekend

The joyous phenomenon, defined and explained.

College football’s most chaotic major rivalry is ...

A semi-scientific review finds Red River racks up more ruckus than any other big-time classic.

So it’s October, and your conference is (probably) already out of the Playoff

The four-team era introduced a new early-season pastime: circling like vultures over the likeliest power conference to miss out.

The endless argument at the center of college football

Amateur athletes are making money for their universities. This has baffled the top minds of the 1890s.

The history of GameDay hosts getting their doors blown off

Hosting ESPN’s flagship college football show is a big deal. The visitors do not always cooperate.

A history of CFB’s 44 last-place games, from 1869 to 2019

Here’s one way of finding every season in which the two worst major-level CFB teams played each other.

Yelling about transfers is more than a century-old CFB tradition

When it comes to player movement around the sport, coaches and administrators have virtually always found something to argue about.

The case for UCLA-Wazzu as CFB’s greatest comeback ever

Go beyond just total deficit and look at other factors as well.

Pitt’s history as the Death Star of silly football upsets

When the Panthers beat a top-20 team, they somehow always do so without themselves looking like a top-20 team.

19 CFB superpowers who are owned by smaller teams

In this sport, the big guys almost always beat the little guys. Almost.

The people’s guide to Larry Fitzgerald

With the context of hindsight, it’s clear one of college football’s GOATs was even better than you remember.

College football helmet visors: How a tint defined the sport

Every era of football has a look.

Explaining ¡El Assico!

The Hawkeyes and Cyclones are going to play a bad football game, sure, but the great part is you have nothing better to do at the time.