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College football rules have changed pretty constantly for decades and decades. Many of those changes were conservative. Let's have some actual fun here.

Bad Idea Time: Auction Off the Top Five Draft Spots

It’s for charity, so you can’t get mad

Bad Idea Time: Elect the CFB Playoff Committee

Democracy is broken, and so is the college football postseason, so let’s mash ‘em up!

Bad Idea Time: Abandon All Playoffs

Embrace the chaos of the 70s, 80s and early 90s!

Bad Idea Time: The Division Basement Draft

Shuffle the schools in a conference every season, and let the worst teams do the picking.

Bad Idea Time: The Conference Exchange Program

See the world! By which I mean the Central Time Zone!

The Tennessee-Georgia Series Is Bad. Let’s Fix That.

On the creation of the Cool Wet Kiss Of Friendship Classic

Good Idea Time: September 2020 Presidential Debate Special Edition

Wash your hands of the debate moderators of yesteryear!

Bad Idea Time: Empty Stadium Solutions

Boom goes the microphone

Rank every team, cowards

If we’re going to a silly poll for this very weird season, might as well lean into it!

It’s time to change non-conference schedule protocol

Everybody get out a legal pad and a pen.

The intellectual tyranny of the preseason poll must end in 2020

For too long, college football voters have been motivated by fear. This season, let their ballots sing with inspiration.

Any 2020 football season should be a rules laboratory

In which we make the Big Ten even puntier.

Jet Ski Basketball will pave the way to our new world

Remember, cars once seemed like strange, alien things to civilization.

How CBS and UConn can crush the SEC

A very serious plan that you should take seriously

Bad Idea Time: a Playoff spot in exchange for a vaccine

Here’s an idea that wouldn’t backfire: tying postseason eligibility to a school’s medical research success.

Bad Idea Time: The State Champs System

Can’t travel? Time to play all the nearby schools you’ve been ducking!

Bad Idea Time: Make every college have a totally unique nickname

For one thing, there are way, way too many Eagles.

6 ways to make the NFL’s stupid Wonderlic thing actually good

Let’s not only test intelligence in better ways, let’s get some good TV out of it.

Bad Idea Time: Safeties should be worth 11 points

Make football’s rarest scoring play its most valuable, and let the ensuing chaos overtake everything.

Pac-12, get even with your rivals the American way: by exploiting new laws

It’s time for the conference to embrace California law and turn on the NCAA!

Here’s what we should do when coaches leave after Signing Day

This should cost someone money. That money should go somewhere specific.

LSU, follow your championship with Football Mardi Gras

The football can’t get better than it was in 2019, but think bigger.

Bad Idea Time: Make ADs do all non-con scheduling in public

It’s time to bring scheduling out of the caves and embrace stressful capitalism.

There are other coaches you could hire

It might feel like a good idea to hire a coach connected to bad things, but here’s an idea: what if you hired a different coach?

National Championship should always be on Saturday and on campus

Stop trying to be the NFL.

The Plus-One system would’ve been better than the Playoff

Or at the very least, far more college football.

Universal All-Americans: Let’s combine all CFB awards into one thing

Sort of like the NCAA’s "consensus All-Americans" idea, but much more encompassing and definitive.

CFB has SO MANY Coach of the Year awards. Let’s make each unique

You know how the NBA has hilariously literal awards like "Most Improved Player?" Let’s make all 9,000 of college football’s coaching awards just as specific.

Bad Idea Time: Replace all bowl ties with randomized bids

Conference ties are a pain. Merely getting rid of them is not enough.

Fun ways to replace conference title games with Playoff games

The best way to expand the Playoff is to let it absorb something else college football went a long time without.

Bad Idea Time: Replace conference title games with FLEX GAMES

Two teams in your conference can play a 13th game against each other. Spend it more wisely.

Improve rivalry games with 12 kinds of flexible scheduling

Spice up your relationship with your rival by agreeing to play in April instead, then showing up in March.