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College football rules have changed pretty constantly for decades and decades. Many of those changes were conservative. Let's have some actual fun here.

6 things every rivalry can learn from great Thanksgiving rivalries

Let’s apply some semi-science to figure out what makes a great Rivalry Week battle, then try to apply it to every game.

Bad Idea Time: How to fix football’s dumbest rule

Football’s most bizarre rule awards end zone sideline fumbles to the defense. Let’s simply make that rule consistent with the rest of the field.

The Rutgers Classic: A proposal

A special event airing opposite the Big Ten Championship, if and when we require it.

Bad teams should structure coach contracts like NCAA Football’s

P5 bottom-feeders should offer coaches very self-aware goals, then reward them with time.

Bad Idea Time: Let every conference share Rutgers

The Scarlet Knights provide one of the most valuable services in all of college football.

Bad Idea Time: Move Notre Dame to the SEC

Let’s walk through many reasons this is a bad — and therefore good — idea.

Bad Idea Time: the Undefeateds-Only Playoff

Since it’s impossible to craft a perfect College Football Playoff system, let’s ponder the actual benefits of trying something silly.

Play these 8 conference rivalries in non-con, if need be

Don’t let the corporate suits tell you which rivals you do and do not get to play.

15 overtime rule ideas, ranging from nah to HELL YEAH

Five professional game designers helped us upgrade the ultimate bonus minigame: football OT.

Bad Idea Time: Move all of bowl season to Week 0

Hey, a coach gave us the idea.

NCAA, stop counting sacks against rushing yards

The most obvious flaw in college football stats has lasted too long.

Every conference should replace divisions with pods

Replacing divisions with a pod system would carry a ton of benefits and no obvious drawbacks.

Put 8-5 Wisconsin in the Playoff, you cowards

Increasing access would not mean letting terrible teams win national titles. But if it did, that’s cool too!

What other sports can learn from college football rivalries

The biggest games are the biggest games because they don’t come around often. Plus, they’re in defined time slots.

The really simple way to fix college football’s targeting rule

Players should not be ejected for clearly accidental violations.

Bad Idea Time: Why it should cost one point to punt

Here are seven ways this would make football better.