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Why do coaches change jobs? Why do schools change conferences? Why do conferences exist? Why do players skip bowl games? Why do bowl games exist? Why does college football exist? See answer above.

The NCAA should combine the men’s and women’s tournaments

It means more money, greater equity, and better opportunities to grow college basketball

The five-month TV war between the NCAA and one of its schools

How a fight with an Ivy League team set the stage for 30 years of college football television policy

This year, March Madness never gave us the chance to steal from our bosses

This is our right as employees, and we must fight for its return in future years.

Will Muschamp Explains The GameStop Story

A special report from college football’s finest financial mind

Will Muschamp should be on the hottest seat in the SEC, but not during a pandemic... right?

The economics of coaching look bad in a normal year, and 2020 is anything but

Power 5 players and college football administrators square off

The power brokers know they’re in trouble, but that might not change their plans for the fall.

College football loves cupcakes too much to quit ‘em

North Dakota State thanks you for your money and your cowering flesh

It’s always been up to the players to change college football

The NCAA’s dirtiest trick has been making the most powerful part of the sport not realize it

College football’s leaders are answering the wrong questions

The football part’s not safe until the college part is.

The days of the mega buyout may be numbered

Quietly, athletic departments are figuring out how to delay or reduce paying out the giant buyouts they agreed to

I’m sorry your job is hard now, college gatekeepers!

Unfortunately, that’s also your own fault.

Why has NCAA Football’s popularity exploded mid-pandemic?

A dormant franchise is now selling for boatloads of cash on the secondary market.

It’s time to liberate the archive of college football game tape

You get the ability to watch whatever old game you want. Rights-holders and schools get more money.

Football has been college sports’ golden goose since the 1800s

Since the beginning, football has been the key to every other college sport’s survival.

How harshly will Covid-19 cut *your* school’s athletic budget?

The loss of basketball TV money hurts small schools most. A football interruption would make chaos for everybody.

BASE jumping: far safer than betting on Rutgers football

Betting on any team outside the top handful to win the national title? At absolute best, that’s playing roulette.

In every way, the XFL is more football

We’ll see if that’s what people want.

Pac-12, get even with your rivals the American way: by exploiting new laws

It’s time for the conference to embrace California law and turn on the NCAA!

Here’s what we should do when coaches leave after Signing Day

This should cost someone money. That money should go somewhere specific.

5 Boise State-related REALIGNMENT ideas

Boise State and the Mountain West have settled a TV money beef, or at least kicked it down the road. But it’s worth thinking about the Broncos’ future in the conference.

203 bowl game sponsors, graded by Coach Dunkability

Here’s a list of almost every major FBS bowl game ever, categorized by the only factor that currently matters.

A Universal Basic Income for student-athletes: the OBJ UBI

Let’s simply compensate all college football players by having Odell Beckham Jr. disperse funds on camera at the end of each team’s season.

Dynasty Mode: The 7 ways CFB dynasties end

Let’s pick a metric that gives us a list of dynasties, and then let’s find some common threads.

6 thoughts about USC’s lost decade

USC rambled through 10 mediocre years. Here, we ramble about what that decade meant.

Who bowl sponsors think I am

A day in the life of the perfect bowl advertising target

The weird Granddaddy: How the Rose set six strange standards

Why are bowl games called "bowl games?" The answer to that and several other questions go back to the Rose Bowl.

Four hours is all we need

Most of the time, the Rose Bowl is a cog in the machine it created. And then one afternoon each year, it’s a dream made real.

Cars: college football recruiting’s most storied currency

The most American invention has always fueled the market of the most American sport.

So you want to fire your coach without paying his buyout ...

Here’s how it might be possible for colleges to exploit the NCAA’s enormous rulebook in order to get out of deals they don’t like any more.

What do search firms actually do?

This is why athletic departments pay tens of thousands of dollars, even if they end up hiring their first choice anyway.

The complete NCAA Football return checklist

The bad news: it’s going to take a while. The good news: it’s probably going to happen eventually.

Gus Malzahn’s $43,000,000 Month

How one agent, no athletic director, two schools, and two very specific wins flipped Gus Malzahn from the hot seat to a massive contract extension