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Why do coaches change jobs? Why do schools change conferences? Why do conferences exist? Why do players skip bowl games? Why do bowl games exist? Why does college football exist? See answer above.

Bad teams should structure coach contracts like NCAA Football’s

P5 bottom-feeders should offer coaches very self-aware goals, then reward them with time.

The Realignment Window: Winning when the good teams leave

Leaving for a better conference sounds enticing. But what if you stay put and win your depleted league? These are the best teams ever at doing that.

The endless argument at the center of college football

Amateur athletes are making money for their universities. This has baffled the top minds of the 1890s.

FAQ: What regular people should know about Cali’s amateurism law

We’ll keep this updated as needed.

The megabooster

T. Boone Pickens was the kind of team owner who can only exist in college sports.

Gus Malzahn’s $43,000,000 Month

How one agent, no athletic director, two schools, and two very specific wins flipped Gus Malzahn from the hot seat to a massive contract extension

A history of skyrocketing CFB coach salaries, from Camp to Swinney

Let’s go back to the beginning and adjust everything for inflation along the way.

Be skeptical when big college athletic departments act broke

Official numbers need to be taken with several grains of salt.

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Why Alabama’s dynasty will never really be over

It goes way beyond Nick Saban.

16 FAQs about how bowl games work, answered

College football has America’s weirdest postseason. Here’s how it currently works, explained somewhat briefly.


Your college is the NCAA

Blaming the NCAA for college sports’ problems? Blame the member schools themselves, too.

How to start a new bowl game, in 9 simple steps

As told by the people who run them.

How CFB seasons end up with 1-song soundtracks

Every year, college football fans find themselves listening to one highly branded and marketed piece of music over and over. Let's look at how last year's example worked.


Pay them their goddamn money.

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Meet the bag man: 10 rules for paying college football players

How to buy college football players, in the words of men who deliver the money.

The Bobby Petrino shenanigans timeline

There's a reason Bobby Petrino keeps getting new jobs despite these scandals, mistruths, and escapes: most of his teams win a lot of games.


This year’s opening piece is not last year’s piece, and could not be after this offseason. Down the rabbit hole we go.