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The 6-step guide to making a banger LSU hype video

How the Tigers became the national champions of videos that make you want to run through a wall.

College football’s annual Stockholm syndrome pop songs

By the end of the season, these endlessly repeated pop rock songs are stuck in your head.


Southern University’s Human Jukebox is your favorite marching band’s favorite marching band.

17 old college football moments that really, really needed Twitter

College football’s sprawling randomness fits Twitter better than it does any other social media platform.

Which CFB TV intro songs slap, and which do not slap?

Which of these songs slap, and which of these songs do not slap?

How CFB seasons end up with 1-song soundtracks

Every year, college football fans find themselves listening to one highly branded and marketed piece of music over and over. Let's look at how last year's example worked.


At the end, there will be a long silence. Then we begin again.