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FACT: most of the college football year is spent not playing college football. There's recruiting and practice, sure, but there's also the very important business of doing nothing at all.

The time has come for Coachlympics

Let Ronnie Lott score you on rings!

Writing Prompt: Trespassing Primates with Sensitive Medical Information

Let’s use this time to sharpen our creative writing skills together!

Could you have been Parent Trapped?

You can’t know for sure if you have a secret twin out there. But you can get a better sense of the odds!

Improving college football’s contributions to Star Wars Day

Look, not everybody gets to be the protagonist. That’s ok!

An Analysis of Skip Bayless’s Horse Butt

This butt is the only thing I care about now.

The Art of The Bobby Petrino Coaching Bio

It’s about the words you don’t say!

The worst Price Is Right showcases of the 1990s

The American Dream: being good enough at economy stuff to acquire some dumb crap your neighbors don’t have.

Key Acquisition: An athletic quarter zip

Meet my closet’s most adaptable article of clothing, which can be worn with anything (or nothing) at any time.

Emergency DAD QUARANTINE protocols

Does your restless dad simply refuse to stop puttering to Home Depot? Time for a plan.

Hatin’ Ass Spurrier, COVID-19 edition

In times of trouble, we turn to our leaders for the saltiest barbs.

The BIRTHDAY MADNESS bracket: Here is the best birthday of them all

We asked the internet to make five-person teams of people who share birthdays. Then we asked the internet to vote on these teams.

18 places to eat a hot dog, ranked

The Unifying Theorem of Hot Dogs says a hot dog’s quality depends on where you eat it.

How college strength coaches are handling quarantine

The simple answer: the same way everyone is doing anything right now.

Golf Story rules

The true key to a Nintendo Switch sports RPG: bizarre, 16-bit class warfare.

Tampa, explained

Tom Brady is moving to Tampa.

A day unlike any other

Please do what you can to steer clear of crowds at this time. Jim Nantz is.

How to claim a national championship

Hoops is used to having a definitive champ. In 2020, it doesn’t. The college football internet can be of assistance on this.

How to work from home

A guide from a master of this delicate practice

NFL Draft: How to be a sleeper

Let’s discuss the art of being a sleeper prospect.

Happy Leap Day! What is your favorite college football leap?

These are some of ours.

Why you should visit downtown Indianapolis in February

In praise of one of America’s most underrated destinations.

The 136 most XFL team names in football history

Let’s find the most Xtreme teams in all of American and Canadian pro and college football.

The Blind RT: Best Picture nominees you’ve never seen but recommend

Let us ponder the greatest films we’ve never seen.

Let’s do the WEEK ZERO BIG GAME thing every year

Now that Week 0 is a yearly thing, every Week 0 needs a true primetimer. Here are some good options for 2020.

Bad Idea Time: Make ADs do all non-con scheduling in public

It’s time to bring scheduling out of the caves and embrace stressful capitalism.

CFB’s 70 most underrated teams ever, based on the AP Poll

The most underrated team from every preseason AP Poll ever.

The 70 most overrated teams ever, one from every preseason AP Poll

Here’s the biggest disappointment from every preseason poll in AP history.

Fans plan. God laughs

We can appreciate college football more if we accept each upcoming season as one more wave in an ocean of mystery.

The times in the year when coaches don’t work all that hard

It’s a busy job, but here’s when you can find some slackers in the office.

Your step-by-step guide to the college football offseason

Here’s your itinerary for the confusing span of time between the title game and the next season.