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The People's Guide

College football is about players. Think about it -- for all the time we spend hollering at each other about coaches and rankings, what's your favorite memory from your favorite season ever? Bet it's a player. So let's appreciate them while we have them.

The updated people’s guide to Braden Mann

Pinpoint-accurate Australians dominated college punting for years. This mega-punter restored American pride with a different strategy: kicking the ball really damn hard.

The people’s guide to Lynn Bowden Jr.

Meet the modern equivalent to football’s do-everything stars of the 20th century.

The BVP Award: Celebrating CFB’s most CFB players

Finally, an award that honors college football’s history of THAT GUYs. Let’s use the whole 21st century so far as reference.

How ‘The Fridge’ changed football

The Piesman Trophy forefather paved the way for fellow big men to become goal-line weapons to this day.

The people’s guide to Steve McNair

"Air II" McNair’s 1994 at Alcorn State might be the best QB season college football will ever have.

The people’s guide to Joe Burrow

With a bonus mini guide to Clyde Edwards-Helaire!

The people’s guide to Larry Fitzgerald

With the context of hindsight, it’s clear one of college football’s GOATs was even better than you remember.

The people’s guide to Jerry Jeudy

Everything at Alabama sticks to a script. Jeudy is a brilliant, subtle freestyler within it.

The people’s guide to Justyn Ross

While still learning how to play college football, the Alabama native was dealing national title knockouts.

The people’s guide to Grant Delpit

LSU’s star safety is an octopus. A really, really fast octopus.

The people’s guide to Rondale Moore

There’s a lot more to him than just the Ohio State game. But never forget the Ohio State game.

The people’s guide to Pat White

He was exactly the player college football needed, and that might be all we’re ever meant to know.

The people’s guide to Vince Wilfork

"He made everyone better with his ass and his brain."

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44 reasons Barry Sanders’ 1988 is football’s greatest season ever

The year everyone already regards as the best ever was somehow even better than that.


Marcus Lattimore is perfect.