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In this section, you'll find a bunch of posts about the most unique position in sports.

Who’s the best college QB ever? Here are 9 answers

There’s no agreed-upon definition. Here are different lenses for that argument, along with an answer (or two) for each.

The decade QBs of color took over college football

The highest levels of quarterbacking used to be mostly for the whitest of faces. In the 2010s, that changed dramatically. So did the fortunes of teams that put black and brown QBs in charge of their offenses.

Joe Burrow: the greatest Heisman turnaround ever?

And was there any way we could’ve seen any of this coming?

The BVP Award: Celebrating CFB’s most CFB players

Finally, an award that honors college football’s history of THAT GUYs. Let’s use the whole 21st century so far as reference.

The people’s guide to Steve McNair

"Air II" McNair’s 1994 at Alcorn State might be the best QB season college football will ever have.

The people’s guide to Joe Burrow

With a bonus mini guide to Clyde Edwards-Helaire!