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The Blue-Chip Ratio is the single number that will tell you which teams have the recruiting horsepower to contend for a national title. But we're also interested in recruiting that goes way beyond just the very top. We got maps and charts and stuff!

Blind Item: That time a coach bought out a gas station

Twizzlers for everyone!

The time has come for Coachlympics

Let Ronnie Lott score you on rings!

Congratulations! You’re in Year Negative One

The coaching jobs that deserve a little bit more patience from the start

Pac-12, get even with your rivals the American way: by exploiting new laws

It’s time for the conference to embrace California law and turn on the NCAA!

Here’s what we should do when coaches leave after Signing Day

This should cost someone money. That money should go somewhere specific.

The 15 highest-rated Signing Day classes ever

Saban and Smart are all over this, but Meyer tops both lists ... with two different schools.

Here’s some interesting data on 2020 recruiti-WTF USC

How well did each team recruit, relative to its established norm?

2020’s recruiting STATE CHAMPS, mapped and explained

Per the rankings, these are the teams that hauled the most talent out of every state.

The states that produce the least college football talent

How long’s it been since your state had a five-star?

Each CFB signing class averages 2.5 different #1 recruits

Congratulations to your school and its rival for both signing the #1 recruit.

All 50 states, ranked by their percentage of national blue-chip recruits

Georgia’s rise and California’s slip mean the Big Three is officially the Big Four.

25 lies to tell yourself each National Signing Day

It's the most self-delusional time of the year, and everyone's gonna tell the same lies together!

Alternate history: Everything that happens if USC hires Orgeron

In 2013, the Trojans passed on hiring their beloved interim coach. That changed the arc of at least a half-dozen major programs.

Dynasty Mode: The 7 ways CFB dynasties end

Let’s pick a metric that gives us a list of dynasties, and then let’s find some common threads.

6 thoughts about USC’s lost decade

USC rambled through 10 mediocre years. Here, we ramble about what that decade meant.

Relative recruiting difficulty: how does your CFB team compare?

Realistically comparing your team’s peaks to its annual peers can help show how attractive a destination your head coaching job might be.

The 6 biggest lessons of the Early Signing Period era

The introduction of a December signing period has crunched the recruiting calendar and created competing incentives.

Cars: college football recruiting’s most storied currency

The most American invention has always fueled the market of the most American sport.

Do recruits remember your school’s last national title?

Here’s how old they were the last time your team won something big.

The updated Sunshine State Scorecard

Bud Elliott tracks the state of Florida’s many recruiting battles here, from now through February’s Signing Day.

California’s running low on big dudes, but why?

If this is truly a long-term trend, it could help explain some of the Pac-12’s struggles on the field.

The Sunshine State Scorecard

Bud Elliott tracks the state of Florida’s many recruiting battles here, from now through February’s Signing Day.

The people’s guide to Justyn Ross

While still learning how to play college football, the Alabama native was dealing national title knockouts.

The people’s guide to Rondale Moore

There’s a lot more to him than just the Ohio State game. But never forget the Ohio State game.

Where CFB players come from: 9 maps and charts

How geography shapes the sport from coast to coast.

11 Cam Newton alternate histories

How many of Cam’s reported suitors could’ve won it all if they’d signed him?

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Why Alabama’s dynasty will never really be over

It goes way beyond Nick Saban.

Virginia’s German air raid QB can help legitimize the foreign game

He’s thought to be the first international recruit to sign with a Power 5 school as a QB.

A few open secrets about the recruit hat ceremony

Those hats on the table of the recruit commitment ceremony don’t always represent real offers.

Who’s the greatest #1 football recruit ever?

They were all great in high school, so let’s base it on what they did afterward.

Yep, Cory Booker was an elite football recruit

Steve Spurrier and Gerald Ford reportedly wanted him for their teams.

How a European recruit gets noticed 5,000 miles away

About 5,300 miles from Colorado, Valentin Senn developed into a promising tackle and later signed with the Buffs.