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The Blue-Chip Ratio is the single number that will tell you which teams have the recruiting horsepower to contend for a national title. But we're also interested in recruiting that goes way beyond just the very top. We got maps and charts and stuff!

USC story in The Rock’s ‘Ballers’ is amazingly absurd

There has never been a TV storyline with as many holes as this one.

The 16 people you’ll meet in every recruit’s Twitter mentions

Heading into the comments below a recruit’s tweet? Here’s what you’re about to see.

How (and why) the Aussie football pipeline works

The transcontinental trickle of talent now includes three likely starting NFL punters and a three-year reign at the college level. How's this work? And what's next?

How 2-star recruits get drafted

It's not usually because major college football programs and recruiting analysts miss on elite high school prospects.

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Meet the bag man: 10 rules for paying college football players

How to buy college football players, in the words of men who deliver the money.