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College football has a very silly scheduling setup. We'll try and come up with stupid ways to break it even more than it has already broken itself.

SEC considering multiple scheduling formats for 2020

Several options are on the table but, for now, the league desperately wants games to happen

Imagine the Playoff arguments if CFB had no non-con games

For no reason at all, let’s imagine a September-less CFB season.

Let’s do the WEEK ZERO BIG GAME thing every year

Now that Week 0 is a yearly thing, every Week 0 needs a true primetimer. Here are some good options for 2020.

College football scheduling has always been this dumb

Rivals ducking each other because of fear, greed, accusations, bad manners, and inequity? Yep, we’ve been yelling at each other about this for well over a century.

Bad Idea Time: Make ADs do all non-con scheduling in public

It’s time to bring scheduling out of the caves and embrace stressful capitalism.

The 15 most overmatched teams ever, based on schedule strength

Let’s find the most schedule-doomed team of each decade in college football history.

Ambition Tiers: How boldly should *your* CFB team schedule?

Whether it’s a good idea to challenge yourself depends in large part on who you are.

Every bowl’s weirdest game ever: A living calendar of oddity

Below are bowl/playoff scores and schedules, sure. More importantly, we have 44 pieces of wacky college football history throughout.

National Championship should always be on Saturday and on campus

Stop trying to be the NFL.

Relative recruiting difficulty: how does your CFB team compare?

Realistically comparing your team’s peaks to its annual peers can help show how attractive a destination your head coaching job might be.

Bad Idea Time: Replace conference title games with FLEX GAMES

Two teams in your conference can play a 13th game against each other. Spend it more wisely.

Improve rivalry games with 12 kinds of flexible scheduling

Spice up your relationship with your rival by agreeing to play in April instead, then showing up in March.

What is CFB’s most Thanksgiving Day rivalry? I looked into it

College football has a waning but deep Thanksgiving history. Its many rivalries demand superlatives.

The 7 greatest SEC-SoCon Challenge games ever

The SEC likes to give itself automatic wins in mid-November. Well, they’re not exactly automatic.

Bad Idea Time: Let every conference share Rutgers

The Scarlet Knights provide one of the most valuable services in all of college football.

Bad Idea Time: Move Notre Dame to the SEC

Let’s walk through many reasons this is a bad — and therefore good — idea.

Blood Week: How to spot a truly chaotic college football weekend

The joyous phenomenon, defined and explained.

Bad Idea Time: the Undefeateds-Only Playoff

Since it’s impossible to craft a perfect College Football Playoff system, let’s ponder the actual benefits of trying something silly.

There’s more to life than strength of schedule

The source of endless argument is far from the only way to decide which teams are good.

Play these 8 conference rivalries in non-con, if need be

Don’t let the corporate suits tell you which rivals you do and do not get to play.

10 teams who should pick rivalry fights with bigger powers

Here are college football teams who should follow the example set by Colorado-Nebraska and UConn-UCF.

Every Week 0 game since 1883, ranked

Over the decades, the season’s intro non-week has varied in importance and quality, to say the least.

Bad Idea Time: Move all of bowl season to Week 0

Hey, a coach gave us the idea.

How to overreact to Week 1 college football

It’s time to spend 60 minutes throwing out the previous nine months.

This century’s 11 most overreacted-to Week 1 games, ranked

These games show you form opinions at your own risk.

That time Week 1 was randomly loaded with big games

The first year of the BCS happened to give us twice as many ranked-vs.-ranked games as usual.

Every conference should replace divisions with pods

Replacing divisions with a pod system would carry a ton of benefits and no obvious drawbacks.

Notre Dame’s schedule strength is pretty much always fine

Check the numbers.

21 years of telling undefeated non-powers they aren’t worthy

These Nobodies never actually got the chance to compete for titles, but if they did beat a Somebody, there was always an excuse.

Mountain West, please move your title game to midnight ET

For whatever reason, the Mountain West Championship no longer gets to shut down college football’s final full Saturday.

What other sports can learn from college football rivalries

The biggest games are the biggest games because they don’t come around often. Plus, they’re in defined time slots.

The history of CFB neutral-site openers is deeper than you might think

They’re all spiritual successors to games in New York City back in the 1980s ... and the 1890s, too.