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You ever read through the NCAA's football record books? There's some wild stuff in there, like Barry Sanders' brother getting half of a record for no other reason than that he is Barry Sanders' brother.

Will 2020 be a historic season for special teams?

(Not the good kind of historic.)

The updated people’s guide to Braden Mann

Pinpoint-accurate Australians dominated college punting for years. This mega-punter restored American pride with a different strategy: kicking the ball really damn hard.

The people’s guide to Lynn Bowden Jr.

Meet the modern equivalent to football’s do-everything stars of the 20th century.

Draft Points: How each ‘Position U’ argument changes all the time

Let’s assign point values to each NFL Draft spot since 1970 and see what we can learn.

24 old-timey sailor animal logos, ranked

A bunch of mid-20th century logos are extremely similar, but we can find key differences.

1,875 college nicknames, mapped and charted

Everything to know at the big-picture levels about American college sports’ 91 Eagles, 75 Hawks, 63 Cougars, 63 Tigers, and so on.

The All-Time All-Combine Team: The greatest at each position

Here’s a team made up of the best performers in the history of the NFL Combine.

Elite punters rank objects by how far they could punt them

The NFL’s budding punters debate the puntability of a wide array of items.

Long snappers rank 14 household objects by long-snappability

Let’s dive into the data.

Your new head coach will probably be gone within 4 years

It’s time to start saying goodbye.

The United States of Moss

Mapping the places where Randy Moss scored 40-plus-yard touchdowns.

The 15 highest-rated Signing Day classes ever

Saban and Smart are all over this, but Meyer tops both lists ... with two different schools.

Here’s some interesting data on 2020 recruiti-WTF USC

How well did each team recruit, relative to its established norm?

Each CFB signing class averages 2.5 different #1 recruits

Congratulations to your school and its rival for both signing the #1 recruit.

All 50 states, ranked by their percentage of national blue-chip recruits

Georgia’s rise and California’s slip mean the Big Three is officially the Big Four.

The 15 most overmatched teams ever, based on schedule strength

Let’s find the most schedule-doomed team of each decade in college football history.

Who’s the best college QB ever? Here are 9 answers

There’s no agreed-upon definition. Here are different lenses for that argument, along with an answer (or two) for each.

How 2019 LSU fits into 11 different Best Team Ever debates

"Best college football team ever" can mean so many different things.

Joe Burrow: the greatest Heisman turnaround ever?

And was there any way we could’ve seen any of this coming?

The people’s guide to Steve McNair

"Air II" McNair’s 1994 at Alcorn State might be the best QB season college football will ever have.

2019’s CFP field is loaded, compared to 2014-2018

In most years, there’s a clear dropoff between the top team or two and the rest.

Introducing RUTGERS GAMES, a specific kind of CFB blowout

You know that feeling when a Power 5 team has no hope whatsoever of competing against a supposed peer?

The Big Ten’s Rutgers domination is a case study in CFB lopsidedness

The gap between any two teams in a conference can be huge. Here’s what it looks like when the gap between one team and everybody else is basically that big.

How to tell if your CFB season has an unusual number of contenders

It probably doesn’t, but here are two charts to check just in case.

California’s running low on big dudes, but why?

If this is truly a long-term trend, it could help explain some of the Pac-12’s struggles on the field.

A history of CFB’s 44 last-place games, from 1869 to 2019

Here’s one way of finding every season in which the two worst major-level CFB teams played each other.

The case for UCLA-Wazzu as CFB’s greatest comeback ever

Go beyond just total deficit and look at other factors as well.

The people’s guide to Larry Fitzgerald

With the context of hindsight, it’s clear one of college football’s GOATs was even better than you remember.

Why does the NCAA say David Shaw is a white woman?

He is a black man.

NCAA, stop counting sacks against rushing yards

The most obvious flaw in college football stats has lasted too long.

Notre Dame’s schedule strength is pretty much always fine

Check the numbers.

Where CFB players come from: 9 maps and charts

How geography shapes the sport from coast to coast.