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You ever read through the NCAA's football record books? There's some wild stuff in there, like Barry Sanders' brother getting half of a record for no other reason than that he is Barry Sanders' brother.

When a forgotten WAC game delivered the wildest points explosion ever

It’s an accomplishment that’s so weird, the NCAA made up a "record" just for it.

Here’s how few games the new 5-OT rule will impact

These games happen so rarely, it’s not worth getting bent out of shape over.

How long since each college’s last NFL 1st-rounder

Iowa State, good luck to you in the future.

How 2018 Clemson fits into the Best Team Ever debate(s)

This is college football, so a TON of teams have claims to the title. The Tigers should be considered an option.

Clemson beating Bama like THAT was the most shocking title game ever

There’s an easy argument that it’s the most unexpected championship result ever, but let’s take a look first.

Who has more titles, Saban or Bryant? Here’s the complex answer

Nick Saban arguably already has more championships than Bear Bryant, but historical context is a huge consideration.

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44 reasons Barry Sanders’ 1988 is football’s greatest season ever

The year everyone already regards as the best ever was somehow even better than that.

Best vs. most deserving: top-4 teams will often miss the CFP

You gotta win your games.

Everything it took to create football’s longest drive ever

The inside story of the longest drive on record in college football or the NFL, as told by five key participants.

Bad Idea Time: Why it should cost one point to punt

Here are seven ways this would make football better.

College football rankings, ranked

How important are FBS’ many numbers?

How the BCS’ endless self-tinkering influenced the Playoff

Twenty years ago, the BCS unveiled its original formula, and college football was never controversial ever again.