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It's true. Every college football TV broadcaster is biased against your team and orchestrating your rival's ascent to the Playoff. We're here to expo- actually we're probably just gonna talk about bad commercial songs that get stuck in our heads.

How CBS and UConn can crush the SEC

A very serious plan that you should take seriously

It’s time to liberate the archive of college football game tape

You get the ability to watch whatever old game you want. Rights-holders and schools get more money.

What’s your favorite college football announcer moment?

Let’s remember some calls.

5 Boise State-related REALIGNMENT ideas

Boise State and the Mountain West have settled a TV money beef, or at least kicked it down the road. But it’s worth thinking about the Broncos’ future in the conference.

Let’s do the WEEK ZERO BIG GAME thing every year

Now that Week 0 is a yearly thing, every Week 0 needs a true primetimer. Here are some good options for 2020.


Your periodic journey through the most infuriated sectors of the college football internet visits an old friend.

The 6-step guide to making a banger LSU hype video

How the Tigers became the national champions of videos that make you want to run through a wall.

5 ways to improve college football’s Selection Sunday

The ESPN show will remain three hours long regardless, so we might as well have some more fun with it.

The history of GameDay hosts getting their doors blown off

Hosting ESPN’s flagship college football show is a big deal. The visitors do not always cooperate.

College football’s annual Stockholm syndrome pop songs

By the end of the season, these endlessly repeated pop rock songs are stuck in your head.

This century’s 11 most overreacted-to Week 1 games, ranked

These games show you form opinions at your own risk.

Fictional college football teams, power ranked

Who would’ve won a playoff between the ESU Timberwolves, SCLSU Mud Dogs, Blue Mountain State Mountain Goats, and a bunch more?

Mountain West, please move your title game to midnight ET

For whatever reason, the Mountain West Championship no longer gets to shut down college football’s final full Saturday.

How tempo offense changed what football broadcasters do

Pace keeps defenses in check. What does it do to television crews?

9 cool things about Wazzu’s ‘GameDay’ flag streak

This is the history of the tradition, according to a person who helps keep it alive.

How the best CFB fan shots happen, per a TV director

This is how camera crews and fans in the stands produce the moments that light up the internet.

USC story in The Rock’s ‘Ballers’ is amazingly absurd

There has never been a TV storyline with as many holes as this one.

Which CFB TV intro songs slap, and which do not slap?

Which of these songs slap, and which of these songs do not slap?

How to start a new bowl game, in 9 simple steps

As told by the people who run them.

How ESPN basically owns CFB’s entire postseason

Disney straight-up owns many of the games, and most of the ones it doesn’t, it broadcasts anyway.

How CFB seasons end up with 1-song soundtracks

Every year, college football fans find themselves listening to one highly branded and marketed piece of music over and over. Let's look at how last year's example worked.