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Non-FBS football

College football loves cupcakes too much to quit ‘em

North Dakota State thanks you for your money and your cowering flesh

Hey NBC Sports: Let’s turn FCS football into smart, weird TV

All the jargon. All the stats. All the eccentric coaches.

The Art of The Bobby Petrino Coaching Bio

It’s about the words you don’t say!

Dynasty Mode: The 7 ways CFB dynasties end

Let’s pick a metric that gives us a list of dynasties, and then let’s find some common threads.

The people’s guide to Steve McNair

"Air II" McNair’s 1994 at Alcorn State might be the best QB season college football will ever have.

The Realignment Window: Winning when the good teams leave

Leaving for a better conference sounds enticing. But what if you stay put and win your depleted league? These are the best teams ever at doing that.


Southern University’s Human Jukebox is your favorite marching band’s favorite marching band.

13 things FBS should learn from FCS

The lower half of Division I does a bunch of things that could make the upper half better.