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How CFB actually works

Let's pile up a collection of real-talk explainers. We don't have to talk about the way college football is supposed to work; we can just talk about what it actually is. We're all friends here.

How Army rescheduled a 12-game season in two months

West Point will now host eight games if the 2020 season is played entirely

Requesting Comment

Power imbalances have made it nearly impossible for college athletes to talk honestly to the media without risking their careers.

Why gaps are the most important building blocks of every play

Once you understand the ABCs of football, you can begin to understand anything else about the sport as well.

How college strength coaches are handling quarantine

The simple answer: the same way everyone is doing anything right now.

6 ways to make the NFL’s stupid Wonderlic thing actually good

Let’s not only test intelligence in better ways, let’s get some good TV out of it.

Your new head coach will probably be gone within 4 years

It’s time to start saying goodbye.

Here’s what we should do when coaches leave after Signing Day

This should cost someone money. That money should go somewhere specific.

The states that produce the least college football talent

How long’s it been since your state had a five-star?

Each CFB signing class averages 2.5 different #1 recruits

Congratulations to your school and its rival for both signing the #1 recruit.

25 lies to tell yourself each National Signing Day

It's the most self-delusional time of the year, and everyone's gonna tell the same lies together!

How 1947 Michigan helped the Chiefs win the Super Bowl

And more about Fritz Crisler, one of the most important football coaches ever.

The 8 types of football coach

Which kind of football coach are you?

All the ways Ole Miss’ fake pee changed the world (updated)

On Thanksgiving 2019, a Mississippi man pretended to pee like a dog. Then nothing was the same.

Ambition Tiers: How boldly should *your* CFB team schedule?

Whether it’s a good idea to challenge yourself depends in large part on who you are.

Dynasty Mode: The 7 ways CFB dynasties end

Let’s pick a metric that gives us a list of dynasties, and then let’s find some common threads.

The weird Granddaddy: How the Rose set six strange standards

Why are bowl games called "bowl games?" The answer to that and several other questions go back to the Rose Bowl.

Four hours is all we need

Most of the time, the Rose Bowl is a cog in the machine it created. And then one afternoon each year, it’s a dream made real.

The first Rose Bowl was one of the worst games ever

Fittingly for this sport, the 1902 Rose Bowl was ugly as hell, made a lot of money, and spawned a tradition that lasted generations.

Nope, adding bowls hasn’t meant less competitive bowls

If you want to watch evenly matched football, then here’s some good news: now we have a lot more of it.

23 excuses for losing your bowl game, ranked by desperation

A guide to talking around an embarrassing postseason L.

The 6 biggest lessons of the Early Signing Period era

The introduction of a December signing period has crunched the recruiting calendar and created competing incentives.

Cars: college football recruiting’s most storied currency

The most American invention has always fueled the market of the most American sport.

Do recruits remember your school’s last national title?

Here’s how old they were the last time your team won something big.

CFB has SO MANY Coach of the Year awards. Let’s make each unique

You know how the NBA has hilariously literal awards like "Most Improved Player?" Let’s make all 9,000 of college football’s coaching awards just as specific.

So you want to fire your coach without paying his buyout ...

Here’s how it might be possible for colleges to exploit the NCAA’s enormous rulebook in order to get out of deals they don’t like any more.

What do search firms actually do?

This is why athletic departments pay tens of thousands of dollars, even if they end up hiring their first choice anyway.

College football’s many GAMES OF THE CENTURY, somewhat ranked

Every few years, we get a game of the century. Let’s codify that a little bit and see which GAMES OF THE CENTURY are truly OF THE CENTURY.

Introducing RUTGERS GAMES, a specific kind of CFB blowout

You know that feeling when a Power 5 team has no hope whatsoever of competing against a supposed peer?

The Realignment Window: Winning when the good teams leave

Leaving for a better conference sounds enticing. But what if you stay put and win your depleted league? These are the best teams ever at doing that.

Rutgers invented basically nothing about college football

After the first football game, "The Birthplace" had little to do with the sport’s evolution. And was that first game even football?

How Playoff rankings actually work: short and long versions

The committee’s rankings release every Tuesday in the latter half of the season.

FAQ: What regular people should know about Cali’s amateurism law

We’ll keep this updated as needed.