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National championships

Folks, we have weekly updated and explained bowl projections by Jason Kirk. Let's also talk about national titles, somehow one of the murkiest subjects in college football history. It usually makes sense these days, though. Usually.

The last time Ohio State and Alabama played matters a lot more now

The 2015 Sugar Bowl changed things, and not just in ‘The Heart of the South.’

The Legend of JFBOOFD

The not-so-secret weapon the Buckeyes will need to beat Alabama

Imagine the Playoff arguments if CFB had no non-con games

For no reason at all, let’s imagine a September-less CFB season.

1920 Cal: the most pleasant fan experience in CFB history

A century ago, Cal showed everyone else how to have a stress-free good time.

The many national titles altered by old Big Ten bowl rules

The Big Ten’s skepticism about bowl games shifted a ton of history.

How to claim a national championship

Hoops is used to having a definitive champ. In 2020, it doesn’t. The college football internet can be of assistance on this.

11 teams have national titles this millennium. Who’ll be #12?

Which team that hasn’t won a natty in a long time will rejoin the circle next? Could we even see a brand-new Playoff champ?

BASE jumping: far safer than betting on Rutgers football

Betting on any team outside the top handful to win the national title? At absolute best, that’s playing roulette.

LSU, follow your championship with Football Mardi Gras

The football can’t get better than it was in 2019, but think bigger.

CFB’s 14 worst defending national champs, categorized

Juggernauts rarely nose-dive the next year. Here’s how it’s happened in the most extreme cases.

The path to beating Bama was always simple (but not easy)

Nick Saban’s losses don’t have many common traits. Here’s one.

Every time, LSU and New Orleans title games are inseparable

And the voodoo trend all the way back to the 1930s, kind of.

Which of LSU’s reactions to this insane Trump quote are you?

Tag a friend.


LSU learned to mold and channel its natural chaos, and then unleashed it on the way to a national title.

How 2019 LSU fits into 11 different Best Team Ever debates

"Best college football team ever" can mean so many different things.

THE definitive national champ for each season, 1869-2019

Or the closest thing to it, based on historical consensus. We’ll also do a final count at the end.

Every bowl’s weirdest game ever: A living calendar of oddity

Below are bowl/playoff scores and schedules, sure. More importantly, we have 44 pieces of wacky college football history throughout.

Almost every national champ has a bad game along the way

And yeah, a Power 5 champ can likely make the Playoff despite a terrible loss.

Dynasty Mode: The 7 ways CFB dynasties end

Let’s pick a metric that gives us a list of dynasties, and then let’s find some common threads.

National Championship should always be on Saturday and on campus

Stop trying to be the NFL.

Yup, Alabama lives in our heads rent-free

Given all the Crimson Tide have accomplished under Nick Saban, it’d be absurd to pretend they shouldn’t.

How Clemson saves QB runs for when they’re needed most

Clemson’s careful about when they ask the quarterback to run, but it’s still a powerful card in their deck.

2019 bowl season’s 50 finest moments, ranked by The Top Whatever

Each week or so, The Top Whatever ranks all the college football things that must be ranked. This edition ranks the entire 2019 season’s postseason.

15 Bama games rank in the top 10 games of the 2010s, somehow

The Tide co-starred in most of the decade’s biggest moments.

The Plus-One system would’ve been better than the Playoff

Or at the very least, far more college football.

Do recruits remember your school’s last national title?

Here’s how old they were the last time your team won something big.

Bad Idea Time: Replace conference title games with FLEX GAMES

Two teams in your conference can play a 13th game against each other. Spend it more wisely.

College football’s many GAMES OF THE CENTURY, somewhat ranked

Every few years, we get a game of the century. Let’s codify that a little bit and see which GAMES OF THE CENTURY are truly OF THE CENTURY.

Actually, the AP Poll is great ... if you use it right

Don’t pay too much attention to weekly fluctuation. Instead, look at how this week fits into a decades-long history.

All the ways one strange Louisville-Clemson play altered history

Inches separated Louisville from the Tigers’ 2016 ACC Atlantic title. Those inches changed the sport, possibly for years to come.

How to tell if your CFB season has an unusual number of contenders

It probably doesn’t, but here are two charts to check just in case.

So it’s October, and your conference is (probably) already out of the Playoff

The four-team era introduced a new early-season pastime: circling like vultures over the likeliest power conference to miss out.