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Post-grad football

The NFL is said to be important. It seems to be what happens to good college football players who are no longer college football players. We will report back if we learn anything further.

The foolproof tool that tells you which QB to draft

Numbers cannot lie, numbers cannot hurt your feelings

Bad Idea Time: Auction Off the Top Five Draft Spots

It’s for charity, so you can’t get mad

Is Tom Brady the tallest NFL player ever?

It will be interesting to find out the answer!

Every point scored in Super Bowl history, assigned by college

Please use this for all your college football arguments, online and in real life

The people’s guide to Mekhi Becton

Becton’s size and speed make him more or less impossible to miss, whether you’re a fan on the couch or a linebacker at the second level.

The people’s guide to Lynn Bowden Jr.

Meet the modern equivalent to football’s do-everything stars of the 20th century.

Draft Points: How each ‘Position U’ argument changes all the time

Let’s assign point values to each NFL Draft spot since 1970 and see what we can learn.

A post-Thanos letter from Roger Goodell to the NFL

Next half of humanity up!

How’s the second XFL doing compared to its predecessors?

Measuring the XFL by the primary statistic that matters for a startup football league.

Tampa, explained

Tom Brady is moving to Tampa.

NFL Draft: How to be a sleeper

Let’s discuss the art of being a sleeper prospect.

The All-Time All-Combine Team: The greatest at each position

Here’s a team made up of the best performers in the history of the NFL Combine.

Elite punters rank objects by how far they could punt them

The NFL’s budding punters debate the puntability of a wide array of items.

Long snappers rank 14 household objects by long-snappability

Let’s dive into the data.

6 ways to make the NFL’s stupid Wonderlic thing actually good

Let’s not only test intelligence in better ways, let’s get some good TV out of it.

Why you should visit downtown Indianapolis in February

In praise of one of America’s most underrated destinations.

In every way, the XFL is more football

We’ll see if that’s what people want.

The United States of Moss

Mapping the places where Randy Moss scored 40-plus-yard touchdowns.

The 136 most XFL team names in football history

Let’s find the most Xtreme teams in all of American and Canadian pro and college football.

How 1947 Michigan helped the Chiefs win the Super Bowl

And more about Fritz Crisler, one of the most important football coaches ever.

Patrick Mahomes gets Texas Tech on the SB MVPs list

Here's every Super Bowl MVP, by college.

The decade QBs of color took over college football

The highest levels of quarterbacking used to be mostly for the whitest of faces. In the 2010s, that changed dramatically. So did the fortunes of teams that put black and brown QBs in charge of their offenses.

A Universal Basic Income for student-athletes: the OBJ UBI

Let’s simply compensate all college football players by having Odell Beckham Jr. disperse funds on camera at the end of each team’s season.

How ‘The Fridge’ changed football

The Piesman Trophy forefather paved the way for fellow big men to become goal-line weapons to this day.

The history of hidden talents in ‘Madden’ ratings

Football players are passionate about making sure the public appreciates all their skills, whether these talents manifest on the field or not.

The hide-and-seek trick play explains a lot about college football

Coaches pushing the limits of trick plays to get an edge? Yes. Players making thrilling plays? Yes. The suits bumbling around to adapt rules on the fly? Absolutely.

How to avoid getting drafted by the Dolphins

Current college football players face an ominous horizon. Let’s figure out how to navigate.

15 overtime rule ideas, ranging from nah to HELL YEAH

Five professional game designers helped us upgrade the ultimate bonus minigame: football OT.

Where CFB players come from: 9 maps and charts

How geography shapes the sport from coast to coast.

The people’s guide to Pat White

He was exactly the player college football needed, and that might be all we’re ever meant to know.

The people’s guide to Vince Wilfork

"He made everyone better with his ass and his brain."

How Madden RPOs could one day help bring back NCAA

Getting these plays into the video game was harder than it might seem.