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Post-grad football

The NFL is said to be important. It seems to be what happens to good college football players who are no longer college football players. We will report back if we learn anything further.

How long since each college’s last NFL 1st-rounder

Iowa State, good luck to you in the future.

How to block for a mobile QB

Four linemen who helped Kyler Murray win the Heisman explain the ins and outs of protecting a one-of-a-kind QB.

Who’s the greatest #1 football recruit ever?

They were all great in high school, so let’s base it on what they did afterward.

Brady’s the king of clutch and luck. His alma mater’s the opposite

In crucial moments, the Michigan Wolverines have been everything Brady isn’t.

12 coaches explain the history and future of the RPO

Here’s a free coaching clinic on where it came from, how hard it is to stop, and what’s next.

What other sports can learn from college football rivalries

The biggest games are the biggest games because they don’t come around often. Plus, they’re in defined time slots.

How Kyler Murray’s baseball and football skills amplify each other

The experts explain.

Ed Oliver is too good to emulate

You wouldn’t teach a player to play his way, and it’s doubtful they could pull it off anyway. The potential #1 draft pick explains his game.

The All-Bad Combine Team

Like you and me, these guys did not exactly blow away the athleticism testing drills. Unlike us, they became NFL studs anyway.

28 examples show switching from QB to WR is really hard

The Heisman QB doesn’t have much in common with these guys.

How 2-star recruits get drafted

It's not usually because major college football programs and recruiting analysts miss on elite high school prospects.