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Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody

Your favorite college football podcast’s favorite college football podcast.

Hosted by Steven Godfrey, Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody (PAPN) shows you parts of the college football universe you might not have even considered, explains how the machinery that keeps the sport going operates (or fails), takes new and different angles on the national storylines, and explains why the standard angles exist in the first place.

During the season, the PAPN week starts on Thursday with the Tasting Menu, where Godfrey and a rotating guest (none handsomer than Richard Johnson, however) lay out the most interesting matchups and subplots of the upcoming weekend, including Bud Elliott’s gambling insights. The Sunday recap show revisits those same matchups and subplots after the fact and catches you up on new developments in the sport.

And there’s the occasional bonus PAPN, where Godfrey talks to a coach or a fellow Banner Society writer about a piece they’re working on or gives some background on a story he’s reporting.

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