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Welcome! To the Shutdown Fullcast

Considered by many experts to be the world’s only college football podcast.

Information about the Shutdown Fullcast, the world’s only* college football podcast, is as follows.

Co-hosts Spencer Hall, Ryan Nanni, Jason Kirk, and permanent guest host (unless she doesn’t want to be, because daywalkers are powerful things) Holly Anderson exchange only the best opinions about college football once or twice a week, depending on whether listeners (affectionately called “Readers” by Spencer, for some reason) have been on their best behavior or not.

Offseason episodes are often devoted to football-adjacent topics, like great beatdowns of years gone by or why coaches wear unflattering pants or matching college football programs to their Biblical counterparts, but are just as often devoted to topics that have nothing to do with football, like backyard disasters or animal disasters or vacation disasters.

During the season, the Fullcast reviews each weekend on Monday, carefully selecting only the most important storylines for our valued audience. Midweek, the second episode is ... kind of whatever the hosts feel like? And each bowl season, the Fullcast crew prepares a scrupulous, loving episode for each bowl game during the 40 For 40 series. Questions are often solicited from listeners, and almost as often the hosts forget to answer them.

Most crucially: the Shutdown Fullcast has never made a joke, and everything the hosts discuss about the world of college football is, or will be, completely true.

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*There is one other only college football podcast, Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody. The science behind its simultaneous existence is best explained by the documentary Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.