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Rutgers Week

Rutgers kind of helped invent college football, then stepped out of its way.

BASE jumping: far safer than betting on Rutgers football

Betting on any team outside the top handful to win the national title? At absolute best, that’s playing roulette.

Introducing RUTGERS GAMES, a specific kind of CFB blowout

You know that feeling when a Power 5 team has no hope whatsoever of competing against a supposed peer?

The recent successes of Rutgers football

Don’t mock Rutgers if you’re on this list.

The Rutgers Classic: A proposal

A special event airing opposite the Big Ten Championship, if and when we require it.

Bad teams should structure coach contracts like NCAA Football’s

P5 bottom-feeders should offer coaches very self-aware goals, then reward them with time.

The Realignment Window: Winning when the good teams leave

Leaving for a better conference sounds enticing. But what if you stay put and win your depleted league? These are the best teams ever at doing that.

Rutgers invented basically nothing about college football

After the first football game, "The Birthplace" had little to do with the sport’s evolution. And was that first game even football?

Bad Idea Time: Let every conference share Rutgers

The Scarlet Knights provide one of the most valuable services in all of college football.

The Big Ten’s Rutgers domination is a case study in CFB lopsidedness

The gap between any two teams in a conference can be huge. Here’s what it looks like when the gap between one team and everybody else is basically that big.

A history of CFB’s 44 last-place games, from 1869 to 2019

Here’s one way of finding every season in which the two worst major-level CFB teams played each other.

19 CFB superpowers who are owned by smaller teams

In this sport, the big guys almost always beat the little guys. Almost.

35 teams who should follow UCF’s example and claim titles

Toledo! Drake! SMU! Hell, RUTGERS even. Hang up the banners!